SEO Trends to Look At: Learn How to Get High Rank in 2019

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an important part of any web owner and digital marketer’s work. It won’t change any time soon, however, that does not mean you can rely on the old strategies. Actually, as the browsing habits change, you will have to keep all your SEO methods updated. Here we will know why SEO continue to be an important consideration in an upcoming year. We will discuss some unique trends that might come to overpower your SEO method in 2019. So, let us get started!

Top SEO Trends To Rank Higher

In order to help you to get the head-start for optimizing your content, we will look at some SEO trends that are worth to consider in 2019. Being the top SEO Singapore Services, we will give you certain tips on adapting your content & strategy to take complete benefit of the trends.

Prepare Your Web Site for the Voice Search

The voice search has nestled very comfortably in people’s lives. Maybe you use Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Assistant, to name some of them. As the technology becomes highly prevalent and we will have to consider how the voice search can affect your SEO attempts. Text searches generally involve stilted and compressed phrases such as “best hosting service 2018.” Bu, if you have to use voice to look for the similar information, you would say like: “What’s the best hosting service this year?”

Did you notice how second phrase is a bit longer and natural? It means you will have to consider optimizing the content for the long-tail keywords on a greater degree.

Using Artificial Intelligence

Term AI or Artificial Intelligence has the futuristic ring on it. Thus, there is no surprise that it will play an important role on SEO in a near future. Google already makes use of AI extensively. It is a bot, which utilizes machine learning for improving Google’s search results continuously. This finds context and patterns in several pages that search engine can use for returning relevant results for the specific queries.

Optimize Your Website for Speed

Loading times undoubtedly will stay one huge consideration for 2019, particularly when it comes about improving your website’s rankings. And this issue became more pressing, as Google announced that it will start factoring in the page speed for your mobile devices. It is because of to growing popularity of the mobile browsing, and ways that will keep the load times short now is the primary concern for many website owners.

Improve Mobile Pages

Mobile first index of Google means that search engine ranks pages that are based on the versions made for the mobile devices. Thus, even though your website performs seamlessly on the desktop, but it is tough to use or sluggish when it is viewed on the smartphone and your SEO rankings may likely suffer. For such reason, optimizing your website for mobiles will no longer be optional. In fact, you will have to spend a little more time in ensuring that your mobile website is usable and fast. It is called making your website responsive, as the main goal is to work very well irrespective of its screen size and device type that is used to see it.

Automated Insights page

This solution will help you to turn any unorganized data, like site analytics, in the clear narrative. And in turn, that will help you to spot patterns quickly and begin making certain improvements. One more tool that will help you while creating content is the WordLift

Extend Your SEO Method to Social Media Channels

Having the strong media presence is one important aspect of internet marketing. Naturally, it applies to the SEO strategy. Whereas social media shares are not currently the direct ranking factor, and there appears to be the correlation between the rankings and social signals.

Focus on Personalized Results

It is seen that like people get very impatient and they would like to find their information they want quickly, for example, that is why Google now has placed the higher focus on the personalized results. Thus, Google gathers information about every individual user and return the relevant results and another example will be found in the Google’s ‘answer boxes.’ This might appear like a tough trend to leverage for your own benefit, but it is far from impossible. Also, you can increase your chances of appearing in the answer boxes by just providing organized and clear information on the website.

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