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Social Media Advertising- A Marketing Weapon


Social media advertising means is a tool for marketing through websites or other social media platforms. The major benefit that you can reap from this form of advertising is to get basic information of the users and can target accordingly with appropriate ads. Database profiles are created by organizations based on psychological behavior and choices opted by them by recording their answers through internet-based interfaces such as e-surveys. This advertising is a paid service and many technologists are earning a good income by using their social media skills.

Why Choose Media advertising?

  1. To Boost Sales: Prime agenda of this advertising to target market and identify customers to increase the sales figures. Every post shared on social media is connected to a source website and that post calls that website page to share new launch and promote the product. Social media posts can help you to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.
  2. Brand Promotion: Promoting products on social media platforms such as linked-in, Facebook can increase the visibility of your organization among the people. You can establish your company as a brand by promoting your business page or blog on the internet and get maximum views from the public.
  3. Target specific and sedulous audience: Most of the users is spending their time on Social media advertising to maintain their relations. Advertisements posted on are clicked, shared, and liked by many people. Companies can use personal information such as location, interests, age or gender to categorize their ads and can target a suitable audience by using specific keywords.
  4. Increased elasticity: You have the freedom to add maximum words with no extra charges and images can be uploaded wherever required which helps to grab the attention of maximum people. A campaign can be started or revoked as per the requirement of the business.
  5. Cost-effective: You have to pay as per clicks and users are ready to buy products from your website. You can run test drives without spending additional costs and time on creating a new campaign.


Types of social media Advertising ads:

All the social media platforms offer types of ads that you can publish by using different tools to add enhanced features. Few types are listed below:

  1. Photo-based Ads: It allows you to create images using predefined themes and a collection of pictures stored in a database with a combination of words. Actions buttons can also be used to redirect to another page (your website) for selling the products. A hyperlink can also be added to pictures, which opens another page once it is clicked.
  2. Video Ads: On social media, videos can be created with informational or promotional content that will be watched on desktop. All information regarding new launches and brand can be conveyed using short or long videos.
  3. Carousel Ads: it is a collection of product images and each image is connected with a hyperlink. It will display all the features in a series of steps and a great approach to showcase multiple products in a single ad.


Analytical tools can be used to measure the impact of social media advertisements.



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