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The Best List 60 Online Local Business Directories


What is a business directory?

A business directory is an online collection of companies within a particular market, location, or class. One way local businesses are available by internet searchers is through inclusion in company directories.

Obtaining The regional company’ NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) info recorded on directories, online business list sites, and citation sites helps to improve visibility, but backlinks from these sites can also have a benefit to SEO. Here are a couple of things to make sure your company listing has in it once you put in it into a directory:

For the uninitiated, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be very overwhelming. In contrast to popular belief, however, there are lots of ways you can enhance your company’s visibility on major search engines beyond optimizing your website. We’ve cited how Google loves it when websites link to other sites. If high ranking websites link back to your page, this will increase your website’s search position. This is where online business directories come in the picture.

Online business directories are sites that help users find local businesses in their area. All these websites are typically highly ranked and give an opportunity for you to control how your company is listed online. Below are six of the most essential business directories where your organization has to be listed.

Position for your Key Words

As always, your key words in search are completely essential. You ought to search these key words to determine which local directories appear in the first ten results. Most keyword searches concerning companies in the local area push one towards your own site, company listings in local company directories or perhaps your competitors site.

It is possible to even consider doing paid sponsorships or perhaps paid advertising to be certain it’s your company that shows up in the class. Just because that specific webpage is receiving significant traffic out of the audience you wish to attract.


Consistent NAP. If you add or update your business on multiple business listing sites, be sure that you’re providing the identical company info across every directory.

A link to your site . Backlinks — also known as inbound links — are critical to your business website’s domain authority. Think about including a tracking link in the conclusion of this URL too, so you can see how much traffic your site especially receives out of the company directories which are linking to it.

A firm description. Ensure you have a detailed description of your business that reflects your business’s mission, culture, and values. Give business searchers a visual taste of your business with a picture or movie of your office, your workers, or your everyday business operations.

Multimedia. Give company searchers a visual preference of your company with an image or movie of your office, your workers, or your everyday business operations.

There are Lots of location-specific directories and industry-specific business list websites To that you are able to submit your information, but local businesses should begin with the big guns and work their way around the more market directories.

With that in mind, we have put together a listing of the biggest and most Important business listings sites today (based on Domain Authority Many of these directories Are entirely free.

60 Online Local Business Directories & Listings for Local Marketing

  1. Facebook (Domain Authority = 100)
  2. Apple Maps (Domain Authority = 100)
  3. Google My Business (Domain Authority = 100)
  4. LinkedIn Company Directory (Domain Authority = 98)
  5. Bing (Domain Authority = 94)
  6. Yelp (Domain Authority = 94)
  7. Better Business Bureau (Domain Authority = 93)
  8. Foursquare (Domain Authority = 92)
  9. MapQuest (Domain Authority = 92)
  10. HubSpot (Domain Authority = 91)
  11. Yellow Pages (Domain Authority = 91)
  12. Angies List (Domain Authority = 91)
  13. Yahoo! Local (Domain Authority = 91)
  14. Manta (Domain Authority = 87)
  15. Merchant Circle (Domain Authority = 86)
  16. Super Pages (Domain Authority = 84)
  17. Yellow Book (Domain Authority = 83)
  18. Thumbtack (Domain Authority = 82)
  19. Local.com (Domain Authority = 77)
  20. Kudzu.com (Domain Authority = 76)
  21. Hot Frog (Domain Authority = 76)
  22. Communitywalk.com (Domain Authority = 75)
  23. Brownbook.net (Domain Authority = 73)
  24. Tupalo.com (Domain Authority = 72)
  25. La Cartes (Domain Authority = 68)
  26. 2findlocal.com (Domain Authority = 67)
  27. ezlocal.com (Domain Authority = 67)
  28. ebusinesspages.com (Domain Authority = 67)
  29. Links Catalog (Domain Authority = 66)
  30. Spoke (Domain Authority = 66)
  31. Chamberofcommerce.com (Domain Authority = 66)
  32. City Squares (Domain Authority = 66)
  33. Cylex USA (Domain Authority = 66)
  34. yelloyello.com (Domain Authority = 66)
  35. BOTW (Domain Authority = 65)
  36. worldweb.com (Domain Authority = 65)
  37. ibegin.com (Domain Authority = 63)
  38. Get Fave (Domain Authority = 63)
  39. Fyple.com (Domain Authority = 63)
  40. Free Backlinks (Domain Authority = 62)
  41. Company.com (Domain Authority = 60)
  42. Web Directory (Domain Authority = 60)
  43. Call Up Contact (Domain Authority = 60)
  44. Finduslocal.com (Domain Authority = 60)
  45. My Huckleberry (Domain Authority = 59)
  46. Hub.biz (Domain Authority = 59)
  47. where2go.com (Domain Authority = 58)
  48. City Insider (Domain Authority = 58)
  49. n49.com (Domain Authority = 58)
  50. My Sheriff (Domain Authority = 57)
  51. opendi.us (Domain Authority = 56)
  52. Bizhwy.com (Domain Authority = 55)
  53. Smartguy.com (Domain Authority = 55)
  54. Wherezit.com (Domain Authority = 55)
  55. DiscoverOurTown.com (Domain Authority = 54)
  56. Nexport.com (Domain Authority = 52)
  57. USdirectory.com (Domain Authority = 50)
  58. Wowcity.com (Domain Authority = 49)
  59. Bizadee (Domain Authority = 48)
  60. Wand.com (Domain Authority = 47)



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