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The Effective Way To Take Your SEO To The Next Level In 2020

SEO Effective

The year 2019 is almost over. Another chapter in SEO is about to go down history. But, there are new ones to begin, as well. The year 2020 is about to get more exciting and neck-breaking for digital marketers.

The old school strategies are still worth practicing if you are new to SEO. But, when you really wish to outrank your competitors, you need to go the extra mile.

This article brings you an insight into how you can grab more results out of your efforts and take your SEO to the next level.

Focus On Google Answer Boxes

Google feature boxes, aka answer boxes, are activated when the crawlers find content to be an exact match for the searched query. Ashley from outreach monks suggests that when curating your content, make sure you include the answers to the questions you pose yourself. According to a survey, the Google answer box is triggered for results ranking on the first page in more than 90% of queries. So, if you are already ranking on the first page for most of your terms, optimizing your content to be Google answer box friendly can bring in more traffic and user trust for your business.

Pay More Attention To Voice Search

According to marketing leaders, 50% of all searches would be through voice-based channels by the year 2020. And you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on that. With the various voice-based search engines such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, the competition to rank for each query that relates to your business has increased. But, if you study the results offered by these search engines, you’ll come to know that almost all of them are closely identical to results in Google feature boxes. So, simply by curating your content in a way that answers user queries more specifically, you can tap into more traffic online.

Collaborate With Influencers For Branding

Regardless of where you rank in SERPs, influencer partnerships can always prove to be improving your online visibility. Influencers can easily promote your brand before the right audience, given that you collaborate with the ones within your niche. Ensuring the same can not only help with online visibility but also improve your website’s link profile. In fact, the best link building service can assure you that none of your collaborators are outside your own industry. Moreover, you need to set KPIs for measuring the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns. For example, you can set up your goals for engagements, likes, shares and comments impressions that you wish to receive on your promotional content. This would allow you to easily measure how effective your branding campaign is and you can also assess the returns on your investment.

SEO strategies are not limited to ranking your content anymore. It has evolved in terms of user interests and conversion matrix. The more you can grab the attention of your target user, the better your SEO gets. And, evolving your strategy in compliance with the changing trends is the only way to stay at the top of your SEO.