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Three Ways to Tell If Your Business Needs SEO

You’ve already built a website for your business. You’ve already gotten yourself a good web hosting service, and you think your website looks great. You can find your website on Google, and your site visitors are increasing on a daily basis.

And then, suddenly, everything starts going wrong. Maybe you’re starting to see sudden drops in your web traffic. Maybe you don’t get the conversion you expected from site visitors despite getting a high traffic rate. Or maybe you don’t see any change to your site ranking in search engines despite doing everything you can.

If any of the situations above is something that you’re facing, it might be time to hire an SEO company.

But is SEO truly the answer to your site’s problem? And how can SEO help, anyway?

The following scenarios we’re describing can be a good way for you to determine whether you could benefit from the help of an SEO expert.

You’re not satisfied with your website’s traffic

It’s been several months since your website’s been up, but you haven’t been able to reach the traffic rate you expected to achieve by now. Getting SEO help may benefit you in this case since they could conduct a site-wide audit to see what you’re missing and help guide you on what actions to take.

After all, issues with web traffic can be caused by multiple reasons, from lack of content or even unindexed content. It’s also possible that you haven’t targeted the right keywords that could lure web visitors into clicking on your website. Maybe your website hasn’t even been indexed by Google? It’s also not outside the realm of possibility for issues relating to your security protocols to cause visitors to bounce when they’re presented with a warning page instead of your homepage.

Basically, an SEO expert can help you take actions based on the results presented to your homepage.

You have high-quality content, but you’re not ranking well on search engines

Let’s say that you’ve already invested time and money to make sure that you have well-written, high-quality content for your website – and you still haven’t made it to the first page. An SEO expert can help you assess what exactly is going on here. Remember – high-quality content is important, but there are other factors that determine how a search engine would index your webpage.

Oftentimes, the structure of the web page itself is overlooked, and your content might have been missing some crucial elements that would have allowed it to be indexed higher on search results. For example, your content is not organized based on HTML structures, or you’re missing a meta description for your webpage.

An SEO expert could help you with figuring out whether your site’s search engine ranking is appropriate for the content you already have or if it is underperforming.

Your website’s performance in search rankings is degrading

Search engine ranking positions are not meant to last – they can change easily, and the reasons behind them can be frustrating to determine by yourself. This is where an SEO expert plays their part: They can provide a fresh set of eyes to see where things are going wrong.

In cases where a site’s search engine rankings are dropping, the severity of the change (e.g. from being on page 1 for a certain keyword to ending up on page 7 as an example of a severe change) can tell a lot about where a website went wrong. Server outages to your site can be heavily penalized by a search engine’s algorithm if it is not appropriately labelled in a way that the algorithm can recognize what’s happening.

Changes to your content could also affect your site’s ranking – Google, for example, tends to prefer content that is consistently posted across a period of time and thus, a sudden drop in your posting schedule could easily affect your site’s ranking.

Getting an SEO expert for your site is not too unalike to bringing your site to a doctor. You can come to them when you know that your site’s not doing too good, or set a fixed ‘doctor checkup’ schedule so that an SEO expert can inform you on small issues to your site that may remain unnoticed to your eyes until it becomes a huge problem.