15 Common Software Service (SaaS) Complete Guide

Software Service

The business model known as “Software Service” (SaaS), often referred to as “web-based software,” “hosted software,” and “on-demand software,” entails a corporation hosting its programme in the cloud and making it accessible to customers. Any internet-capable machine, such as a smartphone or laptop, can access the software or app. The software and all pertinent data are kept in the cloud across various data centres, making them accessible online and through any web browser.

The SaaS approach differs from typical software in that it cannot be downloaded or installed on a computer or consumer device. One of the most famous cloud computing applications is SaaS. (other than IaaS and PaaS).

SaaS businesses are prevalent. More than 38% of businesses claim to be entirely SaaS-based, and 73% intend to make the conversion by the year 2022. Businesses with fewer than 50 people often utilise 25 to 50 SaaS apps, but businesses with more than 250 workers typically use more than 100 SaaS tools.

Despite a projected global revenue of over $72 billion in 2018, not all SaaS model enterprises are profitable. By 2022, it’s predicted that the global SaaS market would generate $113 billion in revenue. Is your SaaS business ready for it?

1. Lumen5

With its drag-and-drop interface, the industry-leading SaaS tool Lumen5 enables organisations to produce stunning movies. It automatically generates videos from text or any URL. Text is moved about, photographs are added from the library, keywords are highlighted, brand colours are added, the font style is adjusted, and the video resolution may all be changed to make it more unique. A 220K+ monthly visitor count demonstrates how well-liked Lumen5 is. This is another Software Service.

The best feature of Lumen5 is its automatic workflow AI, which calculates the scene length from the text and the position of the text from the user-selected media file. The crucial terms are automatically highlighted. Lumen5 is a fantastic SaaS example because of these incredible features.

2. FutureFuel

A fantastic SaaS illustration that will motivate you is FutureFuel. It is a tool for managing student loans for business owners and HR professionals. By addressing student loan repayment, it aids businesses in luring and keeping top talent. In return, the kids serve as devoted employees for their business. Businesses may access the future workforce with FutureFuel, who will work with them for many years to come. Also check Guidebook software

3. Squibbler

A SaaS creativity tool that aids in story telling is called Squibler. It features a wonderful user interface that makes writing simple. It contains a wide range of writing prompt categories for all forms of writing, including books, novels, journals, screenplays, and others.

Additionally, offers a community, real-time feedback, timed writing, goal writing, timed writing, and even a random prompt generator. This is another Software Service.

This SaaS business was started by Dhaval and me, and it took six months to develop. They purchased a writing app with thousands of users as part of their approach. Every month, Squibler gains 4500 new users from organic traffic.

4. Buffer

For just about any SaaS company out there, Buffer is the ideal SaaS example. It is a straightforward yet useful application that makes organising and managing social media for companies of all sizes simpler. However, what matters more is how Leo Widrich’s ten-month stint as a guest blogger helped Buffer sign up 100,000 members in less than a year.

Buffer is dedicated to openness. It is transparent with the public when it comes to fundraising information, revenue and expenditures, and business strategy. One of Buffer’s basic values is transparency, and the company has up to this point adhered to it.

5. Dropbox

Leading cloud storage SaaS provider Dropbox makes it simpler for companies to save, share, and collaborate on files and data when they are on the road. It provides you with a modern workspace that enables your staff to work from anywhere. For companies that depend significantly on freelancers and remote workers, Dropbox is the ideal SaaS provider. A fantastic feature that suggests content based on your Dropbox activity is the smart content suggestion. Paper by Dropbox is a document for teams that allows seamless team collaboration.

This is another Software Service. Dropbox’s simplicity of use is what makes it a fantastic SaaS example. Its real-time syncing and online file storage and sharing capabilities make it a well-liked SaaS provider. With over 500 million active users & $1.4 billion in annual sales, Dropbox.

6. Amazon Web Services

As a SaaS illustration, nothing tops Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offers more than 150 services, including database, IoT, business apps, machine learning, storage, robotics, security, customer interaction, blockchain, and more, giving companies and people all the tools they require. Since all of apps are cloud-based, you may access them from any internet-capable device.

With over a million users and $25.6 billion in annual revenue, AWS is an Amazon subsidiary. Some of the top businesses, like NASA, the US Navy, and Netflix, use AWS. There is undoubtedly much to be learned from AWS, which serves as a prime example of SaaS businesses that are profitable and generate revenue of over $1 billion and offer a wide range of SaaS solutions. Also check ehs management software

7. HubPages

HubSpot is a well-known SaaS tool for corporations, including enterprise software providers. It provides organisations with software for sales, marketing, CRM, CMS, and services. The marketing software assists firms in bringing in customers, converting them into buyers, and keeping them around. It provides a complete array of marketing, sales, and CRM tools. The cost-effectiveness of HubSpot’s SaaS tools, which it offers with free trials, is its strongest feature. This is another Software Service.

You’ll adore HubSpot’s approach to content marketing. If you run a SaaS business and are having trouble getting visitors to your SaaS website, you need to take a page out of HubSpot’s book. It contributes to its blog frequently and covers just about every subject that is either directly or indirectly relevant to its main programmes.

8. Cloud-Based ;Microsoft office 365

Introducing Microsoft Office is not necessary. However, the fact that Office 365 is cloud-based makes it worthwhile to discuss. Your office files may now be created, edited, shared, managed, and accessed from any device. The Office 365 cloud illustrates how Microsoft has met the needs of its consumers by providing them with SaaS goods. Microsoft Office 365 can still be installed and used on a personal computer, but with the cloud platform, you have access to it from any Microsoft data centre, giving you mobility.

For your operating system, the desktop versions are not necessary. No issue; its Business Essentials plan, which is ideal for small organisations, only allows you to use cloud-based applications. Every organisation requires email, conferencing, teamwork apps, file storage and sharing tools, and it also provides these, along with superior security.

9. Salesforce

You cannot avoid talking about Salesforce. It is one of the most well-known companies that offers software as a service and excels at cloud computing. It is an entire suite for managing client relationships for companies. Salesforce provides businesses with a single dashboard from which they can gather, store, access, monitor, and analyse client data. It is a full-featured cloud-based CRM platform that any company may use and operate without the help of an IT specialist. Salesforce has a number of tools, including ones for interaction, analytics, sales, and marketing.

This is another Software Service. Another example of a SaaS company with more than $10 billion in annual revenue is Salesforce. It is a publicly traded corporation with more than 150K active clients that crossed $13.28 billion in 2019.

10. G Suite

For both personal and professional use, Google has the greatest (and largely free) SaaS and cloud services tool. The Google Cloud SaaS applications known as G Suite contain a number of cloud-based applications. Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, Forms, Slides, Sites, Vault, and numerous other apps are all part of G Suite. You must have used the majority of these apps without realising that Google Suite as a whole is entirely cloud-based and does not include any on-premise software.

Due of the sharing, collaboration, and project management features that they support, Google apps are affordable and streamline enterprises. With G Suite, communicating with others and updating team members on the status of a certain work is really simple. For instance, Google Drive enables real-time file storage, editing, and sharing from any computer or mobile device.

Google’s Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms do not have a desktop version or the ability to be downloaded on a personal computer, in contrast to Microsoft Office 365. Compared to Office 365’s 180 million monthly active users, G Suite has more than 5 million active paying subscribers.

11. ZenDesk

Another SaaS business that is truly inspiring is ZenDesk. It is a SaaS business with more than $5 million in yearly revenue. A variety of support channels are supported by this customer service and ticketing software, including chat, social media, email, and more. It is a fast expanding provider of all-inclusive customer support software.

It is applicable to all forms of business in all sectors. Customers of ZenDesk can take advantage of many cutting-edge features, like the intelligent tool Automatic Answers, which is powered by machine learning. It deciphers customer inquiries, identifies a suitable response, and answers them. Whatever the size and nature of your company, without ZenDesk, customer assistance is lacking. This is another Software Service.

12. Visme

Businesses may create content with Visme, an all-in-one platform that enables them to do so for social media, blogs, PowerPoint presentations, and other uses. The best feature of Visme is that it enables you to make expert infographics. You can easily produce an infographic or featured image for your upcoming blog article without having to pay a designer thanks to this SaaS startup.

Visme’s extensive library of templates, media, icons, pictures, data widgets, and flowcharts is what makes it a fantastic SaaS illustration. This facilitates a nearly immediate launch for businesses. This infographic software is a terrific tool for businesses and marketers with more than 3.2 million users from more than 100 countries.

13. Slack

This is another Software Service. A great SaaS example is the cloud-based business communication application Slack. It makes the claim that it can replace email, and it does. Slack users may control, coordinate, and interact with teams from a single dashboard. Channels for organisation and communication must be established. Each assignment, task, and project can have its own channel. Communication is easy and efficient since messages sent in a channel are visible to all of the channel’s users. It enables document sharing, audio and video chats, and private messaging (attachments). Also check claim management software 

Slack has over 85K paid businesses and more than 10 million daily active users. In 2019, its earnings exceeded $4 million.

14. Canva

You may generate content for social media using Canva, an online design tool for businesses. It is an efficient SaaS product with a drag-and-drop user interface. It contains many templates that will enable you to begin going right away. Select a template, make edits, save, share, and download a copy of it. A wide variety of different media formats can be produced, including graphs, blog post photos, PPT, book covers, social media postings, PPC advertisements, posters, flyers, invitation cards, and much more. The fact that Canva is free to use makes it the ideal SaaS illustration. You will only get limited access to its media as a free user, but it functions well. Canva has around 15 million active monthly users and reported revenue of $291 million in 2019.

15. Box

Box is a publicly traded SaaS firm that specialises in file sharing and cloud content management. It is a flexible corporate software that enables cloud-based collaboration, automation, sharing, and management of content and data. Files can be accessible from desktop, mobile, and web devices, and it offers secure file sharing. On the document they are collaborating on, team members can communicate and discuss everything in real time. A fantastic SaaS product that streamlines workflows is Box Relay. It enables you to automate a variety of company activities, including those in marketing, sales, human resources, administration, finance, and other areas. This is another Software Service.

More than 95K businesses use Box, and 70% of Fortune 500 businesses do too. As a result, it serves as an ideal SaaS example for all businesses.


These instances of software as a service are incredibly motivating and well worth trying. Nowadays, operating a business without SaaS services such as

Either Google Cloud Services or Microsoft Azure. In order to grow your business and enjoy other advantages like rapid implementation, ease of use, cost effectiveness, ready-to-use, and lower infrastructure costs, you must adopt one or more SaaS.

The examples mentioned above will give you inspiration and ideas if you are working on creating your own SaaS. Considering that not all SaaS are made equal, be careful to emulate the success of those businesses. Recognize their business strategy and consider how you might adopt it.

You will still need to use another SaaS even if you are developing software. Software development is impossible without one. This is how it operates. You will most likely find the ideal SaaS for your company from the list above. If not, there is always someone who is a good fit. Keep searching

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