An Insight To The Technologically Advanced Self Storage Units

The evolution of technology has saved many of us from trouble. Imagine years back; people would have to find street by street a particular service or product. With the growth of technology, customers can find relevant products or services online as a one-stop solution. In today’s world, no business can thrive without technology usage. Customer needs and satisfaction is a critical success factor in any industry.

The basic notion of the storage industry is quite simple. The company buys an empty building space, makes storage units, provides electricity supplies, and locks. At the same time, customers find a storage space to store their belongings.

If a company wishes to grow and expand, it’s crucial to adapt to the latest technologies and understand customer demands. Advanced technology makes the storage process more manageable; it also gives customers a sense of security, increasing customer retention. Many storage business owners are taking advantage of this trend and attracting new customers. Thus, self-storage businesses are gaining a competitive edge by offering tech-savvy services to their customers to save time and increase efficiency.

Below are the few technologies that are advancing in the self-storage units:

1. Mobile Apps

With the advancement in technology, it is no wonder there is an app for everything. Since many millennials are now using self-storage units, they want mobile apps in every aspect of their life. Therefore, many self-storage businesses are offering mobile app facilities to their tenants as an upgraded feature. These tenants no more need a key or entry card. Instead, they can use a mobile app to manage and access their units, taking storage technology to a whole new level.

The primary objective behind developing a mobile app is consumer demand, so these apps are user-friendly. Most mobile app features offer tenants a unit, bill payments, entrance door access, history access, emergency alarms, and much more. Some mobile apps also provide a surveillance camera and access to lock or unlock their units. The easier the access to storage-units, the more significant percentage of customers would retain. So, keep up-to-date with the latest technology and optimize your app to provide excellent services to your storage units’ renters.

2. Kiosks

Some self-storage kiosks provide their tenants with a supreme level of comfort. These kiosks are accessible 24/7, making it easy for storage managers with their daily customer engagement. Self-storage kiosks use software that is directly in connection with the property manager’s database. It allows seamless operation of information and data, keeping storage safe and secure. In this manner, the management system syncs with any changes or updates that a tenant makes from his end. Also, it gives access to customers of contracts or any information.

Many self-service kiosks provide its tenant to easily search for information or rent a unit even if the manager is not present. Kiosks allow customers to touch a screen, choose a storage unit, sign the contract, get insurance, and lock. It also accepts monthly payments, reducing the need for checks.

3. Biometrics

The primary requirement of any self-storage facility is its security. Customers trust their belongings with the company when they rent a storage space. With biometric technology service, it is almost impossible to breach and hence provides tenants with utmost security. The biometric technology uses a face recognition method for measuring unique features. The unique characteristics include fingerprints, voices, retinas, and many more features. In this manner, the self-storage systems that utilize biometric technology provide the best security to their customers.

However, installing a biometric system may be a little costly. The outcome ensures the utmost safety. More customers are willing to store their expensive valuable belongings in your storage units. As a result, many customers are happy to update to premium to enjoy features that give them peace of mind.

4. Robotics

Imagine a robot helping you with the whole renting process of a self-storage unit? Sounds unrealistic, right? However, this is true. Like most other industries, robots are now a part of self-storage facilities. Although it may seem like a kiosk for many people, it is self-service in nature. Workers can communicate with customers through such machines and assist them with their services. Since many people wish to have a tour before renting a storage unit, these on-wheel robots can show them around. When the customer feels satisfied with the storage unit, they contact the manager and sign a rental agreement through a computerized system. These androids can also provide the customers with a lock for self-storage. Moreover, for any question that a robot can’t answer, it connects the customers to the live customer care representative.

5. Remote Monitoring

It comes as no surprise that remote monitoring is also one of the advancements in this area. Many storage facilities realize how important it is to install automated HVAC units and increase rent. While the owners recognize what the systems need, embedding them into self-storage, and coping with its maintenance is not easy. That being the case, remote controlling can be of service. It can provide data in real-time, detect a fault, and send a technician to resolve the issue without delay. Hence, reducing the time of searching and setting up an appointment with the technical person. It can also sense the temperature inside the unit and prevent the belongings of customers from getting ruined. Not only does it improve the customer experience, but it also increases efficiency. Customers and business owners are happy with the advancements, the former with the services, and the latter with the profitability.

6. Self-Management Software

Self-management software is another technology that demands its presence in the storage unit industry. The majority of facilities have adapted their systems to this new advancement. The integration of cloud-based technology to the existing management software is the central hub for all storage companies. With the help of self-management software, employers can have insights into each area of business. Also, they can perform automated tasks every day, thus streamlining the entire process. In addition to that, this software serves as a tool for tracking customer’s needs and requirements. Storage industries can keep tabs on the market trends and combine all the relevant data from different sources altogether using this software. Moreover, it allows storage operators to correct any issue before it impacts their reputation.


Since people are locating now and then for various reasons, it is now the time to incorporate these technological advancements in the storage units. As technology continues to make progress, the storage operators need to fight hard to climb to the business’s top. Although it is difficult to invest in these at one stroke, you cannot afford to miss it. Customers need services that can prove to be the best and convenient for them.

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