Skype Messaging gets some new features

Skype has announced that it is bringing a range of new features to Skype Messaging, this includes some new Message Drafts, Message Bookmarks and the ability to preview media files before they are sent.

There are now also some changes to the way multiple photos are displayed on Skype, there will now be an album in the chat history that you can share.

We recently introduced several features that help you boost your productivity when sending messages in Skype* and enrich your overall chat experience. New features include draft messages, the ability to bookmark messages and preview media and files before sending, as well as a new approach to display multiple photos or videos. We also launched split window, so you never mix up conversations again!

Now you’ll never forget about messages that didn’t get sent. Any message that you typed, but didn’t send, is saved in the corresponding conversation and marked with the [draft] tag—so you can easily recognize, finish, and send it later. Messages saved as drafts are even available when you leave and come back to your Skype app.

You can find out more details about the new Messaging features for Skype over at Microsoft’s website at the link below.

Source Microsoft


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