Top 10 Emerging Technology Trends To Look Out For In 2021

The evolution of technology is growing at an exponential pace, with a constant change in progress. In fact, due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year, there is a significant change in technological advancement leading to a contactless future world.

The pandemic has influenced businesses to modify not by choice but by necessity. May it be a business or an educational institution, all have learned to work remotely like never before by investing more in their internal technologies.

Following are the top 10 growing technological trends that we expect to see in 2021.


CDP is software that builds a unified and persistent customer database reachable to other systems. Data is collected from multiple sources, screened out, and gathered to form a single customer profile.

In a report, it was stated that around $3 trillion is spent every year because of terrible data. Thus, it is very important to manage data on time. CDPs prove to be really helpful in this regard by collecting data from all sources, then managing it, tagging it, and making it useful.


With the latest iPhone series launch by Apple, 5G is much awaited by everyone around the globe. The hype of 5G is set to become real in 2021. Now, when telecommunication, digital collaborations, and video conferencing have become essential parts of our lifestyle, there is a dire need to enhance speed.

Telecommunication companies do understand the impeccable role of 5G. Also, 5G technology will enhance the working of IoT tools. Almost 51% of companies have realized the value of IoT in customer practices, needs, and inclinations. The worth of 5G is only going to rise in 2021.


With advanced cybersecurity networking, you can reach out to any digital security possession – despite its location. The main benefit of this technology is that there is an individual security divider for people rather than looking after the whole company.

In the current pandemic year, there is a rise in remote workforces and cloud technology. Hence, the security of the organizations assets is moving outside the companys premises. With the assistance of cybersecurity mesh, the company can have a hold on security even remotely.


AI and Machine learning have played a dynamic role during this pandemic year. Now, employees and value-based purchasers ensure that organizations are well-embraced with AI culture.

AI is everywhere from shopping online on Amazon to watching movies on Netflix. Companies want to make the most of AI, as the cloud enables access to the growing computing software, power, and frameworks. In 2021, companies will work more on data handling practices and data ethics.


Companies had their focus on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology tools. Currently, this has shifted from task-based automation to process-based automation.

Due to coronavirus, firms have changed their automation plans instantly towards business strength and back-end processes with low-code tools. The degree of hyper-automation is only set to go higher in the coming year.


Quantum computing is a massive process to perform computations & store data as per the properties of quantum physics. It outperforms even the best supercomputers.

The administration of Covid-19 has been supported by quantum computing to deal with the spread of viruses,  the advancement of therapeutics, and discovering potential vaccines. With its growing importance, the implementation of quantum computing will be often seen in enormous ventures in 2021.


DMS is basically a vehicle safety system that alerts the driver when signs of distraction or drowsiness are detected. DMS is centered around more accurate, solid, and dynamic camera systems.

In 2021, it will improve autonomous driving systems (ADS) serving several functions at the same time like driver capability advancement, the takeover of driving controls when required, and real-time notification.


The IoT operating structure facilitates customers everywhere. Not only it enables employees anywhere but also it supports the allocation of business services across distributed infrastructure.

In the coming years, big companies will work on enhancing hyper-locally and spreading to new topographies.


Growing cloud-native technologies are born from open source and spread to different physical locations. Although, the operations, evolution, and governance of the services remain at the public cloud provider.

As per Gartner, most cloud service providers will render a number of distributed cloud services by 2025.


The next extraordinary technology trend will be AR, VR, and ER. Virtual reality involves the person in an environment while AR boosts their environment. This technology has been widely used in gaming and training.

AR, VR, and ER have immense potential in entertainment, marketing, rehabilitation after an injury, training, and education. In 2021, it is expected that these technologies will influence our lifestyles.


The coming year 2021 will be exciting with the introduction of new technological advancements. Many expected trends are discussed in the passage above. The organizations are constantly working to match the pace of rapid technological changes to make it a better world for everyone.

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