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Types of Data Labeling and Machine Learning


There are many types of artificial intelligence (AI) being created now because of the advancement in technology, one of which is machine learning. Examples of these are using your phone, checking emails and online accounts, or even using apps. Machine learning or ML helps software applications predict outcomes precisely without being obvious that they are doing that. Many processes can help you finish creating machine learning, but the most crucial part is data labeling. Data labelling is one of the most vital parts of the development ML.

Moreover, data labeling is a process that deals with classifying raw data like documents, images, videos, etc. It then adds one or more essential and instructive labels to run context so that a machine learning model can learn from it. Also, it uses various types of data labeling like speech recognition, computer vision, and natural language processing. You need to consider likely naming and classification issues, denoting sealed objects, dealing with the distorting parts of images, etc. Here we will discuss the types of data labeling and types of machine learning.

Types of data labelling 

  • Speech Recognition.You can use this software that uses algorithms, decoders, speech input, word output, and individual sounds, and many more. Examples of these are Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant.
  • Computer Vision.To generate your training dataset, you need to label images, key points or create a border that can encompass a digital image, which is known as a bounding box. Plus, we need to experiment with thousands of examples for the machine to learn from it.
  • Natural language This type of data labeling enables the machine to understand the human language like the grammatical structure of sentences, the particular meaning of words, and algorithms that can provide outputs and excerpt meaning.

Types of machine learning 

  • Supervised learning. You can use thisto find the errors and irregularities on the existing labeled data and new data that you need to compare. Since you will be using a large amount of manually labeled data, mistakes or incorrect inputs can give you wrong results or information. Many companies handling historical data and fraudulent activities are using this type because it can anticipate future events.
  • Unsupervised learning. You can use it to arrange data in a set of clusters that it finds on its own. It primarily uses more complex processes, but it doesn’t find anything specific and provides the outputs.
  • Semi-supervised learning. This method uses its own experience to provide a better prognosis to resolve classification and regression problems. It’s like a trial and error process to be able to gain experience.


Almost everything now is automated with the help of AI. That includes data labeling and machine learning which you can do manually and automatically. To label data for its profound learning models, each business should invest in using and analyzing the data differently. With these types of data labeling and machine learning, you will help people and the technology advance more.



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