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What Is React Native App Development and What Sets It Apart from Others?

React Native is not a new concept. It has been a buzzword in the mobile development industry for many years now—and it continues to take the tech world by storm as it provides a means to develop mobile applications for both Android and iOS at the same time. A lot of businesses have adopted it (including Facebook) and it is utilized across many industries. The key to understanding what React Native is all about is knowing what it is and how it works. That way, you can determine if it is right for your next app development project.

What is React Native?

Also called RN, React Native is a JavaScript-based mobile application framework that lets you create natively rendered mobile apps for Android and iOS. It allows you to build an application for different platforms using one and the same codebase.

Facebook initially released it in 2015 as an open-source project, and in a few years, it became a widely used solution for mobile development—particularly for some of the top mobile apps in the world, like Skype, Instagram, and Facebook. More on that later.

There are many reasons why React Native continues to be successful and well-preferred all this time. Perhaps the biggest one is that it allows businesses to build just one code and use it for both Android and iOS apps. That means a lot of savings in terms of resources and time. Being based on the JavaScript library called React, it provides a framework that empowers frontend developers to build production-ready and robust applications for mobile platforms.

Key differences between React Native and native mobile app development

As technologies continue to expand and the world moves even further into digital online dependence, businesses need to make their digital presence known on both Android and iOS platforms now more than ever.

The battle between React Native vs Native rages on in the app development world. If you are having a hard time deciding which of these two options is best for you and will offer the highest ROI on your investment, the comparisons we’ve listed below can help you make the final decision.

Code Base

React Native – One of the greatest aspects of using React Native for mobile app development is that it only requires a single code base be written that will run on both iOS and Android platforms. Approx 80 to 90% of code can be reused for other platforms in case of cross platform.

Native – This is an area that has the most negative impact for Native. A business that chooses Native for mobile app development will have to invest in both Android app development and iOS app development independently, increasing the cost of the mobile app development overall.

Development Time

React Native – React Native app developers only have to write the app code once, saving a great deal of development time and effort.

Native – Native app development requires the app to be built from scratch twice, doubling the development time and effort, and increasing the development cost significantly. You need to also consider that whenever a change in the code is made, you will have to rebuild and run the whole project again.


If budget costs are one of the main factors in the decision of which technology to choose, React Native is the better option. According to leading app development companies, mobile apps developed using React Native can reduce development cost by 30%-35% when compared to the cost of using Native for the same app development project.

Popular apps that are built with React Native

Now that you’re more familiar with RN, here are some examples of well-known and widely used apps that are built with it:

Is React Native the right solution for your business?

If you are looking to save money and time in developing cross-platform applications, React Native may be just what you need. It may also boost productivity and satisfy the needs of users looking for fast and smooth applications.

What is cross-platform development and its characteristics?

Cross-platform development is a practice of building software that can run on different hardware platforms. For example, if you say that a Microsoft Windows application is cross-platform, it should also be able to run on MacOS and Linux. Software developers consider it a holy grail of development as it allows them to create one codebase and make it run on any platform, unlike when they build native software or apps for just a specific platform.

Moreover, developers can use the tools they like, such as C# and JavaScript to create platforms, which they may not be used to making. That helps reduce costs and time to market.

The top characteristics of cross-platform development are a wider audience, reusable code, and platform consistency. Also noteworthy are the reduced costs, quicker development, a harder code design, and the need for expert developers.


1 – Does it affect the code’s quality and the end product’s overall look?

One of the biggest advantages to using React Native is the reusable code. It means that the apps can effectively run on multiple platforms. 90% of the native framework can be integrated when you reuse the code for both operations systems.

2 – I have an app to develop. Why should I do it in React Native?

To save time and money, and to launch it the soonest.

3 – What are the pros and cons of Reactive Native App Development for business?

React Native will provide time and cost efficiency, a shareable code between Android, iOS, and even for your web app, and you only need one team to build it. Moreover, you get an awesome performance and a native look and feel for the app. However, it requires the expertise of a native developer for platform-specific modules and it is not completely a cross-platform, single-codebase method.

4 – Will my app have the same look, feel, and performance?

With the right React Native app developer, your apps will look, feel, and perform consistently across different platforms.

Conclusion –
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