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5 Best Tech Tools for Vacation Rental Owners

Thanks to the rapid technology development, vacation rental owners are provided with an abundance of online digital tools that can help them run their business in the most efficient way.

From pricing software to automated management tools, digital guest books, Airbnb luggage storage solutions, and many more, there’s not much left in the vacation rental industry that hasn’t been digitalized or automated. These digital tools bring a vast array of benefits to hosts and property managers.

1. Pricing Software

Pricing software can help vacation rental hosts to maximize their revenue. Such software can also help hosts minimize time spent managing, adjusting, or updating the pricing for their rental property. These digital vacation rental tools usually integrate with popular booking platforms, however, be sure to check the compatibility of pricing software of your choice and the platform you’re using.

Airbnb pricing tools, such as Beyond Pricing, are a great addition to your vacation rental business, especially if you’re looking for ways to improve your pricing and create a more profitable strategy. Beyond Pricing makes it easy for hosts to automatically optimize their pricing on Airbnb, HomeAway, and Vrbo with their dynamic pricing software.

2. Key Exchange and Smart Locks

Smart locks can speed up guest turnover time since hosts are able to grant guests access to the rental property with a ‘virtual key’ via email or text message. This way hosts can manage their business remotely and still be in control of guest check-ins and checkouts.

To automate your Airbnb key exchange process, a smart decision is to invest in a secure key exchange service such as Keycafe. Such a service provides an easy and time-efficient property management solutions for vacation rental owners to handle key exchange without having to be at the property.

Moreover, guests are more likely to choose rentals where smart locks are in place as they feel more comfortable staying at a secured property and leaving their belongings in your rental.

3. Vacation Rental Analytics Software

As the first step to running a successful vacation rental business is to ensure that your property listing complies with the law and Airbnb rules and regulations, the second one is surely researching and analyzing the market, financial opportunities, and, of course, local competition.

Analytics software can assist you with growing your vacation rental business by offering intelligent digital tools for monitoring, evaluating, and analyzing revenue opportunities. These smart Airbnb tools can help you gain insight into your competitors to perfect your pricing strategy and secure more reservations.

You can use vacation rental analytics software, such as AirDNA, for optimizing your properties’ performance. It provides essential data to help you stay ahead of your competition and run a successful vacation rental business. By using analytics software, you will be able to analyze popular properties in the area, evaluate your competition, and adjust your pricing accordingly.

4. Vacation Rental Management Software

Automating day-to-day tasks with vacation rental management software might be the best course of action for all vacation rental owners, especially hosts who are managing multiple properties. Using such software helps you stay in full control of all your business operations, saves your time, and makes it easier to assign tasks for other team members or the cleaning crew.

Investing in vacation rental management software such as iGMS will allow you to keep track of all guest communication from one place, as well as automate guest reviews. You will be able to manage cleaning teams more efficiently and keep an eye on the tasks for each crew member. Other valuable features include financial reporting, smart channel management, and multi-platform synchronization.

5. Remote Monitoring Tools

Another great technology innovation is remote monitoring tools. Smart monitoring tools allow vacation rental owners to control and manage their rentals remotely simply by using their smartphones. Such tools allow you to control household functions such as heating, cooling, lighting, and you can receive alerts if your CO detectors or smoke alarms go off.

Also, you can take care of your property’s security by checking surveillance videos (outside and inside) in real-time. Investing in smart remote monitoring tools such as smart thermostats, home security systems, and security cameras, and noise monitoring, such as NoiseAware, certainly pays off in the long run.


Implementing the latest vacation rental technology and using these useful digital tools to your advantage is essential for the success and progress of your vacation rental business.

These tools will not only help vacation rental owners to manage multiple properties in the most efficient way but will also reduce the workload and decrease work-related stress. With these smart tools, you can finally focus on other aspects of your life while resting assured that your business is successful and your customers are satisfied.