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Have You just Completed School and Want to do Business?

Here is a List of Business Ideas you can open with Minimal Capital

What was the feeling you got after pocketing your first salary? Personally, I was ecstatic. Finally I could go buy stuff using my earned money. Forget about your savings in school. That wasn’t your earned money, but rather your parents’ or guardian. Your first salary is different.

It is even better when you sell your first product. Fresh from school, you open a business and sell your first product? It is a big achievement. The assumption is that fresh graduates don’t have much money. Therefore it will be a small business. Perhaps you can’t afford mechanization like buying an industrial robotic arm. But it is ok to start small and expand with time.

 Do you know how many people think of starting a business which they never do? They are so many and it is for various reasons; fear, procrastination, lack of a plan and others. Most people are held back by fear of the business not working out. Others don’t know what business exactly. If you fall in the latter group, fret no more. This article is tailored just for you. Let’s dig in.

DIY Crafts

Are you practical with your hands? If yes, you can watch DIY craft making videos on YouTube and do them yourself. All you need is internet and materials. Moreover these crafts are on high demand by interior decorators, home designers, schools, churches and Hotels. You will need a clear photo of your finished product to post on sites like Amazon, Etsy, Craiglist and eBay, among others. Social media is also another good site to advertise your crafts.


There are some people that have a way with their hands. You don’t have to be trained, but somehow you can fix things. If you realize that’s you, let your friends know. Let them know they can call you to fix their gadgets, plumbing system, lighting system, etc. To be professional, open a website for your business and start connecting with people. Social media is the best place to start. Also, let your friends know they can spread the word for you.

Personal Trainer

If you are obsessed with fitness, then you can offer it for a fee. Post yummy yet healthy eating ideas, free exercise videos and inspirational quotes on your social media platforms. The biggest number of people today is doing 2 jobs to make ends meet. This means they are busy most of the time with almost no time to go to the gym. If at work they can get a healthy eating recipe, free exercising videos on internet, it is a great deal.  You can also offer in-home consultations and personalized nutrition.


Photography is another booming business today. All you need is a good camera and laptop to edit your pictures. Start with taking pictures of your friends and family. Edit them well and post them on social media. Let people know you are the one that took them and are doing it as a business. Also, ask for referrals from people whose pictures you have taken. Open a Facebook page and keep posting the pictures of people and places you take.

Personal Chef

If you love cooking, why not do it at a fee? Start with your neighborhood, family and friends. If they like your food, ask for referrals. If you can narrow down your cooking skills to a specific diet like keto, vegetarian, the better for you. Moreover most people today are more cautious about what they eat. There are lots of lifestyle diseases like hypertension, stroke and cardiac diseases today. With a busy lifestyle, you can’t afford to eat any food and don’t exercise if you want to live longer.


Do you realize that you don’t need a lot of money to start a business? All you need is look inside of you and identify what you are good at. If you identify that special skill, think of doing it for money. Whatever your product or service, begin with your neighborhood. Then contact friends and family. If they like it, ask for referrals.

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