How to Get the Top Paying DevOps Jobs

A job in the DevOps arena can prove to be the highlight of your IT career! You are that intelligent and adept leader who will improve collaboration and communication between the operations and development teams. You are also an enviable professional, earning an excellent salary!

However, you may not step into this field unless you possess the requisite certification. It is proof of your worth. You may obtain it from any reputable institute. To illustrate, you might opt for DevOps Certification. Simplilearn, a genuine establishment that has been coaching students for years, offers the course.

The DevOps Certification Program

Thus far, you have just learned the basics of IT. Your work experience has added to that knowledge. Regardless, if you were to opt for this specific certification program, you would learn everything there was to know about DevOps tools and their usage, inter-team collaboration, and so much more. In short, the formal training and testing program will prepare you to handle the biggest of challenges in the fields of IT operations and software development.


The course is not for fresh recruits to the IT discipline. You will have to show some previous work experience. However, DevOps certification is wonderfully suitable for people from specific backgrounds. It is perfect for development managers, technical project managers, IT managers, architects, deployment engineers, software developers, and operations support. In short, you must have a flair for understanding technological advancements.

These are not the only qualifications. It will be at an advantage if you have an understanding of certain fundamentals. They include Java, Linux, and Web. In fact, you might even consider them as pre-requisites.

Examination and Certification

After completing the program, you will have to appear for an examination. It comprises multiple-choice questions only. There is a time limit to completing the question paper. Since each type of certification that exists under the DevOps umbrella is different, the curriculum varies too. In turn, the number of questions may differ from one certificate to the certificate.

You must obtain a high score in order to qualify for certification. The pass percentage is high, going beyond 70%. You should not find this too difficult for your chosen institute may include a practice test in the training package. The pattern will be similar to the real test. Nevertheless, if you fail to clear the exam, you may reappear for it.

Vital Skills for Career Growth

You would like to obtain one of the top-paying jobs in the DevOps arena, wherever you are. For instance, if you complete your training, you would be on the lookout for well-paying positions in companies located there. Well, if you develop certain qualities, then, combined with your educational background and DevOps certification, you should have no difficulty at all.

Knowledge of DevOps Tools

True, you may take pride in your experience as a system administrator or software engineer. However, it will not suffice for the job, unless you know how to use the diverse DevOps tools. It does not matter if you have come to the job with limited knowledge of these tools. However, you must display keenness to sharpen your education while on the job.

Just knowing about the tools will not be enough. You must be intelligent enough to use each one at the right time. Over time, you will also discover that one tool connects to the other. Your performance will let your employer feel that you have the best skills to resolve problems.

Knowledge of Cloud Technologies

The cloud platform and DevOps are highly compatible. Therefore, you must have a good acquaintance with cloud technologies. This will assist you in applying agile technologies during the software development process. In fact, you will be able to produce scalable software. You will also be able to reduce the number of security loopholes that generally show up in software infrastructure. Above all, cloud technologies make it easy to develop, test, and deploy software efficaciously.

Note that having data centers on the premises can prove expensive for businesses. Therefore, they prefer to approach cloud service providers for hosting their web services and applications. When the cloud provides so many benefits, not having knowledge about its services will be a black mark against you!

Knowledge of Security Skills

Even if your employer does not pay much attention to this aspect, you need to believe that security is essential. Everything about the infrastructure must be safe from praying eyes. Therefore, keep track of the best security practices to have in place.

Knowledge of Soft Skills

These skills are as important as technical skills in the modern world. You will be an asset to the organization if you know how to set up meetings, take up the leadership of small teams, do your bit for speeding up the documentation process, etc.

Experience in the field of Development or Systems Administration

If you give a hand in enhancing the performance of the product development pipeline, it becomes easy for the organization to maintain and improve products. With your background in development or systems administration, you will be able to identify the pain points showing up in the product development process. You may resolve these issues with DevOps, as best as you can.

True, this type of experience is not strictly necessary. However, if you do have it, you will stand out in a crowd. Therefore, arm yourself with both technical skills and conceptual understanding while applying for jobs.

Thus, the DevOps specialist must be ready to step into diverse roles whenever the need arises. For instance, you appear as the change agent, whose team does not hesitate to do whatever is necessary to streamline the DevOps delivery processes. Similarly, you promote the never-say-die culture across the organization. There must never be a fear of failure. Here, you are akin to a counselor. Then again, you give assurance to your employer that company secrets will remain safe from intruders. Now you take up the role of a security engineer.

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