Technology Profits Confidential by Ray Blanco – Scam or Legit?

If you are interested in investment advice online, you will come across several newsletters with advice on how to make a huge profit fast. Some of these newsletters are legitimate and others are just hyped to profit their financial concerns.

You may have come across Technology Profits Confidential by Ray Blanco talking about this $7 device that will turn the telecom industry on its head.  The newsletter offers exclusive advice from Ray Blanco that can be only accessed with a subscription.

How do you know if the newsletter is real or a scam to just make some money out of their subscribers?

Well, we will go through a few points to help you determine for yourself if it is worth subscribing to their newsletter.  For a more in-depth review of this newsletter see NoBSIMReviews review of Technology Profits Confidential

What is Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is a weekly/monthly newsletter authored by Ray Blanco for Agora Financial.  It has a subscription fee of $50-90 per year.  For that fee, subscribers gain access to exclusive investment advice and comprehensive insight into companies and penny stocks.  The analysis discusses what stock has the potential to grow and be profitable.

Some consumers are reporting that once you subscribe to their newsletter, there is a premium level of access that is available at $3000/year to receive more in-depth information.  From the sounds of it, this level of access may not be worth it to the subscriber.

Some of the astonishing claims Technology Profits Confidential makes is that following their advice can make someone a 195% profit in 9 months, or even 100% profit in a year.

There is no evidence to back this claim and investors should always be wary about too good to be true claims.

Who is Ray Blanco?

Ray Blanco is a successful investor and investment advisor who has been reported to have managed an asset portfolio of $30 billion dollars. He is associated with Agora Financial and is the author of the newsletter: Technology Profits Confidential for Agora Financial.

Ray Blanco has held several public and private sector positions and has been in the investment space for decades.

 Tactics to get web traffic is a little too fishy

The reason to be skeptical about this newsletter lies in some of the tactics they apply in attracting web traffic.  They created a stand-alone webpage that is only 1 page to direct traffic to the Agora Financial publications.

If the investment advice is worth that much of a high profit, then the publishers wouldn’t require such tactics to generate web traffic.  For this reason, we are skeptical about this newsletter.

Investment advice has high upfront costs to implement

Some of the investment advice provided in the newsletter requires thousands of dollars of investment purchases for the subscriber.  This is a tad unrealistic for some investors.

They claim to provide advice that will turn 100% profits.  However, there is nothing to back up that claim.  Their claim to make you rich is not substantiated.

Yes, some of the advice can indeed earn you some profit – but that is the probability with practically many investment decisions.

Truth be told, there are many other ways of making a sizeable profit and follow social investing sites instead of the advice of one guru.  So, take their advice with a grain of salt.

There are several other newsletters that make the same claim about investment returns.  So, do your research before you purchase a subscription to any investment advice newsletter.

Pros & Limitations of the Newsletter

An objective reviewer will tell you there are some promising benefits (albeit limited) to the newsletter.

The Pros are:

The Limitations are:

Is Technology Profits Confidential A Scam?

Despite some of the fishy tactics to gain web traffic, we do not believe Technology Profits Confidential is a scam.  Technology Profits Confidential is a legitimate investment advising newsletter.  They do offer relevant advice about penny stocks to their subscribers.

However, they do apply a heavy sales tactic to create a hype about their recommended stocks.  The hype is not what it is made out to be.  So, beware and research more to see if other advice lines up with Ray’s advice.

There is certainly nothing in this newsletter that will make you rich overnight – despite some of their claims.

Final Thoughts

There are several investment ‘gurus’ out there with their own advice on how to make a profit by investing in certain stocks and companies. Ray Blanco’s Technology Profits Confidential is not a scam but is also not the ‘secret’ sauce to success either.

Our advice is to continue to research the trends in the market, understand what is happening to the economy, and follow a few perspectives with different points of view from one another.  The more diversified and well-rounded advice you access and research the better knowledgeable you will be at self-directed investing.

Before jumping the gun on investing in any product, do the due diligence, learn about the risks and rewards, and assess if you are comfortable with all outcomes.  As long as you are comfortable with losing everything you invested, you should be able to tolerate the risks involved.  Good luck investing!

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