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Top 10 Alternatives To Textsheet View Homework And Textbook Solutions

Textsheet alternative remains in need after it goes down due to some copyright claims. It was one of the leading hit websites amongst the students, and countless students currently got utilize it for their notes and other school and college assignment work. But now it’s not available there are lots of other sites like, which can be utilized in replacement.

Top 10 Alternatives To Textsheet View Homework And Textbook Solutions

In this article, you can know about textsheet alternatives here are the details below;

After increasing the faith of trainees and teachers in online education nowadays, the whole education system has altered and adopted many recent changes, benefitting both teachers and trainees. Textsheet was also one such site that helped many students provide them options for their college and school research, jobs, and day-to-day tasks.

Why Textsheet is Down?

But due to numerous obligations and due to DMCA or Copyright infringement, the site is now prohibited on Google, and it affected lots of students who were getting their day-to-day or weekly school and college problem solutions. You can also check another post like backpage alternatives.

However, not to worry about that, we have managed to gather a list of sites like Textsheet.

List of Textsheet Alternative

1. Slader.

Slader is an online education platform, and it helps numerous students get their live research solutions online. It is one of the top best alternatives for the Textsheet website.

– It deals with numerous languages, and it is utilized by millions of users online.

– It has a Q&A neighborhood where the students can ask their questions and send their particular tips and answers to another person’s questions.

– It aims to make the student’s future all set for each chance, and it enjoys constructing a strong trainee provider with its platform.

– Not in simply Algeria, it changed trainee life all over the world.

2. School Solver.

This is another textsheet alternatives. School Solver is another top best Textsheet alternative, and it follows the concept of online education where it provides easy and top best options for their trainee’s inquiries.

– It is a paid website where trainees can post their concerns and ask the tutors to resolve them, and then instructors will publish the correct answers for the inquiries.

– This site has a Q&A section where everyone can discover how to join this website as a tutor or get answers for the concerns.

– School Slader likewise provides cash-making chances for the tutors who want to make money online by releasing subject understanding with the trainees.

The students can now get their high school and college homework solutions on time with these education sites.

3. Course Hero.

Course Hero is one top-rated Textsheet alternative readily available for the students online.

– Course Hero has more than 25 Million courses in various languages and topics, supplying 24/7 gain access to online.

– The website has a well-managed directory site where the students can get their problems services on one search or one click.

– All the books and note’s related to every topic are arranged and easily available for its users.

– It is constantly online for the students who want to get their issues options for any topic.

– The online tutors will discuss and address the questions once you publish the concerns.

4. Studylib.

Studylib, the site which offers resolved projects and simple services for the user’s problems and researches. Also, check to follow boom app.

– Studylib is a terrific website, and it also allows its users to download important files and folders for free from the site.

– The site has services for the questions in every subject consisting of Maths, Science, Social-Science, Business, Engineering and Technology, Art’s and Humanities, History and many more.

– If you believe in adding some crucial news or article for the student advantages, you can quickly contribute to the website directory. This website will not charge any penny from you.

– For every trainee, it is like a gift for their much better provider.

5. Chegg.

Chegg is the top best option for Textsheet, as it is also one of the major reasons for Textsheet removal.

– Textsheet utilize to deliver the answers to the concerns begins their site utilizing Chegg’s API, which is against the law.

– But if you are thinking about a Textsheet option, Chegg will be the safe and top best option for it.

– Chegg has developed numerous resources for the students to provide the best education online.

– It provides the essential notes and immediate online service using the online tutoring function.

– Chegg has its video lectures and courses notes for more than 80+ subjects.

– You can also access yo the Chegg platform with its app variation, which is available at the app store and play shop for the phones.

6. PaperHelp.

This is another textsheet alternatives. PaperHelp is an incredible platform and a premium site that solves students’ questions and fixes their major problems connected to all topics.

PaperHelp is a website with lots of resources for students attempting to build their term papers stronger and more efficiently, no matter your age.

– The two owners of the company introduced this site for student benefit and their future profession.

– You can position your order for purchasing the most recent documents in your topic with the various levels from this site.

– You can likewise conserve money by referring this website to your mates looking to buy the papers.

7. SparkNotes.

This is another textsheet alternatives. SparkNotes is a sub-part of its moms and dad company Spark. This huge business delivers the quality keeps in mind in numerous subjects like literature, poetry, history, movie, and approach.

– It likewise provides digital notes and lectures for numerous other topics like biology, chemistry, economics, health, mathematics, physics, and sociology.

SparkNotes helps many students deliver the books they purchase from their website and helps them provide the best test papers for their examination and evaluation preparation.

– More than 1 Million trainees believe the SparkNotes services.

– SparkNotes is also readily available in its Application version, which you can easily download from the Application Store and Play Store from your mobiles.

8. Coursera.

Coursera is another website like, Coursera is among the top online education platforms for trainees.

– Coursera is a site that uses great deals of expert courses on this platform, which anyone can do online, and they will also gets a free completion certificate once they complete their course.

– Coursera offers professional certificates in Engineering, Data Science, Data Analyst, and numerous others.

– Coursera has more than 3600 expert and non-professional courses available with the conclusion test, which is required to complete for getting the course certificate.

9. Quizlet.

This is another textsheet alternatives. Quizlet itself recommends that 90% of students who utilize Quizlet have scored higher scores. Also, check u live.

– Quizlet is an online website for online education with the ways of different tools and games.

– Games implies not serious video games here, and it remains in the kind of quizzes which are more presentable and attractive and a lot more experienced.

– Quizlet likewise concentrates on supplying all-in-one solutions to its students with different evaluations and videos for the subject you require to discover.

– You can likewise tape the crucial session for future referral and knowing.

The different modes of study Quizlet use are:

– FlashCards.

– Gravity.

– Write.

– Speller.

– Match.

– Live.

10. Crazy for Study.

This is another textsheet alternatives. Crazy for the research study, it is a main American site for student aid.

– Crazy for Study has lots of resources that signed-up students can access to get their issues fixed.

– This website will assist you in getting an in-depth summary and notes for the subjects you actually wish to study.

– It is a trainee online search engine where they get the required notes and study product in simply one search.

– They prepare the official book solution with the Q&A procedures, which helps its users to get the needed knowledge and data from one location.

– It also helps them in different assessments and tasks by an online assessment aid system.


All of us understand how the students get attached to the Textsheet site, and it has helped more than countless trainees online. However, all of us know the hard reasons why it gets prohibited by Google. However, if you are a student and searching for some good options for Textsheet then we have actually noted lots of websites like Textsheet in this article.

We have actually literally offered you these top best alternatives for the Textsheet site after evaluating their features and user evaluations. All these websites have a specialty in their subjects and fields, so you need to find any other site.

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