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3 Best Travel Blog Website Designs

If you are a world traveler who likes to write, you have probably thought about starting your own travel blog. Travel is one of the most popular subjects for blogs on the internet. Quite a few  people write about it and take pictures. If you want to write about your adventures, you should have a web design that really stands out.

Visuals are extremely important on a travel blog. The video format is very popular on travel blog sites as people want to get a sense of the vibe of certain travel destinations, the size of the crowd, and the thickness of traffic. Photo gallery formats are also popular as it gives people a chance to see the attraction you are writing about.

There are a few templates that are just perfect for a hodophile to share their experiences with the world.

1. Insight

(Available on WordPress)

When people visit a website that uses the Insight default template, they will see a large photograph of a beautiful travel destination. They will also see excerpts from the best of the blog. The footer area can be used for social media buttons. It is also the perfect place for an author’s biography or an about section.

If you want your website to have a bit more of a personalized look, you can always customize your front page. If you do not care to have widgets along the sidebar, you can just list your posts in chronological order or in order of their popularity. You will be able to choose from several color palettes. You can change the look of individual pages to fit the mood of the subject.

2. Wix Travel Blog Template

As the title would suggest, this template is designed specifically for travel bloggers. The default homepage has a clean minimalist look. A large display photo with the title of your blog and a tagline greets visitors. Your pages will be displayed on the top bar along with your social media links. Sharing buttons for social media appear at the bottom.

If you don’t care for the default design, you can select from a wide variety of fonts on this template. It even offers a tool that will evenly distribute the elements of your blog for you. You can also make certain elements the same size.

This template is perfect for a blog that is heavy on snapshots as it gives you an option to stack photographs on top of one another. It offers four basic color schemes so you can give your site but what you want.

3. Travelista

(Available on multiple platforms)

Shutterbugs will love this template because it lets users display multiple photos on the homepage. You will have a choice of many different layouts as well as a choice of 9 different post formats.  Users will click on photos to get to individual blog posts. You can put your favorite or most popular posts on your home page or simply display the most recent posts.

Your social media icons appear in the upper right-hand corner and you can arrange them in the order that you would like.

It has an excellent slider option that lets users choose custom slides, post by categories, or post that the blogger chooses themselves.

Any good travel blog will have sections about food, culture, natural areas, and staying fit while you are on the road. Click here to find out more.