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Perfect places to enjoy your evening in Melbourne

Are you looking for the best places to visit in Melbourne in the evening? Don’t worry; there are too many to spend your time relaxing, chilling, and visiting mesmerizing Melbourne city. Melbourne is one of the best-known cities in Australia and is located in victoria state. The city is also known as the country’s cultural capital and serves as the home for renowned museums, galleries, and important buildings.

Melbourne is a vibrant city and has an entirely different vibe day and night. Many locals agree that the city becomes fantastic in the evening and has lots of offers inclusive of public transport, allowing people to check out the places around all night to cozy bars and fancy restaurants. You can also shop among some of the famous shopping malls in Melbourne.  Melbourne Central Shopping Centre is one such place to visit on your trip to Melbourne as it offers everything from exquisite shops to amazing cafes serving Australian delicacies. They do have different opening hours due to the corona situation, do check their website before paying the visit on any evening in Melbourne.

Let’s have a look at some places you can visit in Melbourne to enjoy your evening:

National Gardens of Victoria:

NGV is one of the pre-eminent and oldest public art museums, hosting lots of blockbuster exhibitions and presenting one of the finest collections of art from across the world. The collections in NGV hail from Rome, Egypt, Greece, and also from the pre-Columbian period, and the oceanic gallery is dedicated to the cultures around the Pacific area.

The collection includes more than 16,000 international drawings and prints and decorative arts from Asian and European countries. The gallery space showcases more than 400 words from Asian countries. You can also check the outstanding collection of British and European paintings. The place is perfect in the evening and offers an extensive range of history to the people who love to visit such places.

Federation Square:

The Fed square or the Federation square is one of Melbourne’s leading hubs for many cultural attractions and world-class events. Fed Square is located at the intersection of Swanston steers and Flinders. It was opened in 2002 and is a point of attraction for millions of visitors every year. It is also named the 6th best public square globally and is credited with many awards for its design and architecture.

Undoubtedly, Melbourne is one of the best places to explore, and Federation Square cannot be missed on the list.

Watch the sunset on the beach:

Do you love scenic beauties down the river watching sunsets while having your meals? If your answer is yes, then here is the closest beach from Melbourne city is St. Kilda beach is located just 6 km from the center of the city and is quite easily reached by the Melbourne tram. The beach looks beautiful around the sunset and is one of the best places to visit if you are fond of natural beauty.

If you are traveling with your friends and family, you carry a ball to play around with and carry a blanket to be on the safer side. On passing the beach, there is another place called Luna Park where you will find excellent trails, Children’s swings and play areas, badminton courts, etc.

Legendary Princess Theatre:

The theatre is located in the Melbourne old theatre districts. It is one of the most excellent Victorian theatres across the globe. It was built in 1886 and was listed in the National Trust in the country. The popular musicals in the theatre are “Les Miserables” and “The Phantom of the Opera’. ‘ It is highly recommended to watch the shows as the theatre has the best set for the musical and acoustics.

Theatre also hosts nice plays for the people who love to watch their favorites on the big screen. Before visiting, inquire about the timing and plays being hosted then.

From natural beauty to entertainment to cuisines, Melbourne has lots to offer to everyone. Evenings are quite fun in the city as it allows the locals and visitors to roam around exploring the cultural activities, cuisines and having fun.

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