Pros and Cons of the Program Work and Travel for Students

Work and Travel programs are popular but are they that good? Is it worth going? Let us see what’s good and what’s bad about Work and Travel and see whether you should go.

Work and Travel has become a huge thing in a recent decade or so as the opportunity for students to go abroad and see the world while making some money. Inherently, work and travel programs are amazing, and they give you some exciting opportunities lets you travel the world, see new people, and learn new skills, but as it often happens, there’s trouble in paradise.

What Is It All About?

The basic idea is that students are young and adventurous, they have little to nothing holding them back, and they would gladly take on some mildly challenging job just to go abroad and see the world. That’s exactly how it is – you agree to do some kind of work abroad, and they send you there, that’s it. You do not have to write assignment or whatnot; in most cases, you will only have to write an application letter, and people from Writix write assignments for students to help them nail that application letter. After that is all set and done, you are all set and all you have left is wait for their response.

In most cases, students get their visas and are all clear to travel. There are multiple popular destinations: most students try to go to the USA since the country is still surrounded by this aura of freedom and new opportunities. Others would opt for the EU countries as they also provide tons of opportunities for short-term employment. But before you sign up, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the program.

Pros and Cons of Work and Travel

Pro – Money: there are people who sign up for the travel programs for student without even considering money as their main interest, but you can actually make some decent money there. Let’s say you come from a not-so-wealthy part of the world and go to the US where you could make a couple of grand a month. That’s a lot of money, even for a developed country, especially for a student.

Con – Culturel shock: iе might happen both on the way in and the way out. Again, if you come from a developing country and end up in a well-developed country like the US, you might be shocked by what you see there. People are different, life is different, everything is strange and foreign. And once you get used to and start to enjoy your new American lifestyle, you already need to go back to your country, which might not be that progressive. Many students report feeling depressed after coming back home.

Pro – Travel: well, yes, you get to travel and see the world, which is more entertaining than your university classes.

Con – Education breakdown: despite most students travel during summer vacation, in most cases going for the work and travel program interferes with your term exams. A student needs to make a choice – go abroad and possibly harm their education or stay.

Pro – Worldview: sometimes, we live in secluded communities surrounded by people who are more or less similar to ourselves. Going abroad might change your worldview entirely as you’ll see people who are completely different. This might be a revealing and even shocking experience, but life is the best teacher, it gives you more than any school ever would and you must see it all.

Con – Loneliness: despite you’d be surrounded by people, some students tend to self-isolate from their peers because of anxiety. Despite you’d be surrounded by people at all times, you might feel lonelier than ever before.

Wrap Up

Well, as you see, there are pros and cons to the work and travel program, and it’s not all fun and games. Life always gives you a lesson, and you must choose whether you want to take it. Work and travel might just be the experience you need to broaden your worldview and set your priorities up. Life is more exciting than any university, and it gives much better lessons, so you should never skip those. If you have the chance to go – just go and take everything they give you.

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