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Tips for Getaways in the Bluegrass State: RV Rental Louisville

The monotony of a working day can get to all of us in the best of times, but in the absolute worst of times, it can become unbearable. If you want to take the family and escape to somewhere beautiful, natural, and close in the state of Kentucky, you have a lot of options. Those options easily double when you either have or rent an RV, so let’s go over some tips for first-time renters so that they can get the most out of that fabled getaway time.

Know What You Want

Tons of people think RVs are a catch-all term for a type of camping vehicle and may end up getting scammed because of it. There are tons of different classifications for vehicles like RVs that muddy the waters. The first question for anyone should be: do you want to drive your vehicle or tow it behind a truck or other car?

If you want to drive your way across the US, the RV is the best choice for you. Travel trailers and other similar camping modules are also a possibility, but you need a vehicle that can tow for that. Check for RV rental Louisville and you will end up with both types of campers, so be wary of what your vehicle can actually handle.

Plan Ahead!

Specifically, anyone looking to travel in a camping vehicle should know how many people are coming and where you are going. There are plenty of state parks and camping locations that are close to Louisville or spread around the state, so if you want to camp you may not need the fanciest vehicle there is. After all, the drive may be less than 3 hours.

RVs should never under any circumstances be a decision you make immediately. Check every nook and cranny of your investment and make sure you both actually need it and can afford it. Click here for a good checklist of things to look out for during any potential transaction.

Inspect Everything

While the vast majority of rentals and purchases end up being a great deal for everyone, there is always the possibility of scams. So, make sure to inspect your RV for water damage, rust, floor wear and tear, and other problems with living spaces that would disqualify it from being for you.

This goes beyond just looking at your potential vehicle. You need to look up its history, as well as the history of the company you’re choosing to purchase or rent from. Be obsessive, it may end up saving you a lot of money. Ask to take it for a test drive, it may make the difference if your travels across the US are halted because it doesn’t drive well. It may also point to a low-level technical problem that you need to know about.

All RVs should also have a few specific things before you take them out. Food, drinks, toilet paper, and necessities for life are important, but what about a medical emergency kit? Certain things that you would place in a car and forget about are also essential for an RV. While you’re at it, if you’re purchasing specifically, you must have insurance similar to car insurance. Do the research you would do for any vehicle; you won’t regret it.

Pick Your Sights!

RV or not, all states have sights that are must-sees for vacations. If you are renting your vehicle, you should take advantage of its camping capabilities. A great sight in southern Kentucky is the Big South Fork River area, which has many cliffside sights and camping opportunities. Campgrounds such as the Blue Heron Campground are aplenty all over the state, and many of them have websites where you can plan specifics.

As always, make sure to follow proper camping safety protocols, especially for stuff like food. In an RV you’re safe from any scavengers but it can still be a harrowing experience if you left anything outside that is within inspection distance of a bear or raccoon.

Have Fun

While it can be fun to pick out specific aspects of RVs and their trips, make sure to take things a little less seriously than the home you left. Life is all about adventure, so be sure to not be afraid to leave the safety of your vehicle every now and again.

The purpose of vehicles like RVs is to get you there and provide comfort so you can maximize fun. Don’t stray away from this purpose. Even the most conscious buyers should remember that if you’re doing it right, the interior of the RV won’t be the most important sight you’ll see on your trip. Stay safe, stay informed, and make sure who you rent from is trustworthy. Otherwise, it’s up to you to have all the fun you can.

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