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Top 10 Travel Prep Tips


If there’s one thing that can get a holiday off to a bad start, it’s last minute rushing around to complete your pre-travel to-do list – that’s if you even have one!

To save you from this sorry scenario, here’s our pick of the top 10 tips for travel prep.

  1. Prepare your travel gear

 Kickstart your travel prep by stocking up on your travel gear. Don’t just think about clothes, but practical items like packing cubes, an adapter, a power bank. And don’t forget to invest in a durable bag to keep your belongings safe and secure.  

  1. Check in with your doctor

Before you fly, it’s worth checking in with your doctor to ensure you’re fit for travel, your prescriptions are up to date and whether you’ll need any vaccinations.

  1. Copy your passport

Carrying copies of your passport with you will help you to prove your citizenship and get back into the country as quickly as possible if your original gets lost or stolen. It’s worth leaving a copy with a family member or friend back home and saving a digital copy too.

  1. Pre-book tickets

Pre-booking tickets for the activities you’d like to do has many benefits. You’ll have access to fantastic early-bird discounts, queue-jump and avoid disappointment when you arrive.You can book tickets for tourist activities on travel sites such as GetYourGuide and Trip Advisor.

  1. Get in touch with your bank

Make sure you let your bank know that you’re heading abroad, otherwise they could view your overseas spending as suspicious and stop your card, leaving you penniless.

  1. Research events

Researching the events happening in your destination using an event sitesuch as Eventbrite ensures you don’t miss out on the coolest social activities – think festivals, ceremonies, natural events.

  1. Load your tech

In the modern day, tech and travel go pretty much hand in hand. So make sure thattech items such as your phone and tablet are loaded with the best apps for travel and entertainment, and that you’ve downloaded films, TV series and books to keep you occupied during your flight.

  1. Find travel insurance

Travel insurance – it’s the thing everyone reminds you to get, yet you still end up leaving until the last minute. So as soon as you know where you’re travelling to, use a comparison site to find suitable cover. 

  1. Book airport parking in advance

If you’re driving to the airport, you’d be crazy not to book your parking in advance. In doing so, you’ll likely find big early-bird discounts. One of the best platforms for airport parking deals is comparison site Looking4.com – it has deals for major hubs across the globe from Sydney to San Francisco.

  1. Charge your electronics

You never know what might happen at the airport, so make sure that your electronics are fully charged before you leave, so you can stay connected and entertained in the event of delays.

With these 10 tips to hand you’ll be able to prep perfectly for your travels – enjoy!

That’s our list! Share your travel prep tips in the comments section.



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