Top Kid-Friendly Attractions in Galveston

Planning a vacation? Galveston is just as good a place to be as any other. Aptly nicknamed “the Playground of the South”, Galveston is located in Texas and is one of the most famous coastal destinations. Small enough to be explored on foot, this island town contains dozens of things that will readily capture your imagination. This important cruise port boasts impressive attractions and has sandy beaches which make it an obvious choice for sun-seekers. Provided you find a reliable means of transportation from Galveston to Houston, you should be good to go. Here are the top kid-friendly activities to do.

Artist Boat

This is a non-profit organization that promotes awareness and coastal margins preservation. It also champions the protection of the marine environment through the subjects of arts and sciences. To do this, it has beach tours and kayak tours. They have fantastic kayak tours everywhere and allow children from the age of 5 years to take shorter kayak adventures. Kids will also find free Galveston beaches interpretive tours and Bucket Brigade beach tours.

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Texas Seaport Museum

This is a fabulous learning center and a resource that can teach you lots of lessons about history and immigration. Also, the museum hosts Elissa, a ship of a height of 1877 feet. Kids can board it and explore below and above the deck. They can spend hours checking out every bit of the ship and even pretend to be pirates. Even better is the fact that the ship is in a functional mode that can go ashore any time.

The Seawall

Looking for a relaxed beach experience? Then head for the Seawall. It contains 10 miles of water and a beach for swimming, laying out, and playing. There is plenty of parking space along the seawall which is charged by the hour, daily, or per season. You can choose to sample picnic meals by the beach or even try the food at the many beachfront hostels and restaurants that are usually just a few meters from the sand.

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The Galveston Children’s Museum

Although it opened its doors to the public just recently (2014), the Galveston Children’s Museum became an instant hit and is the favorite of all parents and kids. Situated in the bottom part of Moody’s Mansion, it is just the perfect size for this small island. It contains an art room, a theater room, and a toddler/baby room. Among its many indoor attractions are a pizza-making restaurant, a fishing boat, a building station, and a doctor’s office. In between the exhibits, you will find small areas and little tables with all manner of entertainment including sensory tables and legos.

What’s on the table is changed all the time. You won’t know what awaits you! They promote hands-on learning which means your children are allowed to roam freely about the museum and play with just about anything. On the outside, there are sandboxes, large foam blocks, water tables, and picnic areas complete with umbrellas. The museum is a really enjoyable place and there are kids activities for children of ages 5 and above. There are also activities you can take on with the kids.

Moody Gardens

With a reliable Galveston car service, it should be easy to check out this popular attraction and see why it is so famous. The place is [packed with fun activities not only for kids but also for adults. Its three imposing pyramids are the Aquarium Pyramid, Discovery Pyramid, and Rainforest Pyramid. There are also two theaters that are MG 3D Theater and 4D FX Theater. The Colonel Paddlewheel Boat is on the bay and you can ride it too.

There are also outside attractions and these are the Rope Course and Zipline. And if you want season attractions, they are aplenty. They include the Palm Beach Water Park, in the summer and the Festival of Lights and Iceland Sculpture that takes place during the holiday season. Other things include two playgrounds, a walking trail, fountains, and a garden. The Rainforest Pyramid contains the Garden Restaurant that has a snack stand. For those who wish to stay, the Moody Gardens and Spa are full of numerous restaurants. And for lovers of golf, the available 18-hold course should be more than enough.

The Space Center Houston

It takes just over one hour to reach this point from Galveston or less if you have the best chauffeur service Houston. It has so much about space and science and gives kids the perfect opportunity for hands-on learning. Boasting hundreds of things to do and see, everyone in the family will find something that appeals to them. From moon rocks to theaters, to spacesuits, to science experiments, to presentations to virtual reality, no one will be bored.

You and the kids can even walk through the replica of the Independent shuttle that’s mounted atop the iconic NASA 905 shuttle carrier aircraft. Your kids will enjoy staying here for days!


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