Why In-Room Technology Needs To Be Top Notch In Your Small Hotel

Hotel rooms used to have simple designs with landlines and televisions complementing the bed and other furniture. Today’s hotels are now reflections of the 21st century. Technology is part of almost every corner of the room. From frost-changing shower doors to Wi-Fi connectivity, no hotel can survive without the latest gadgets. Take a close look at why in-room technology is so critical to the small hotel and why it should be installed as soon as possible.

1. Competition Remains Fierce

In-room technology must be top notch in your small hotel because competition for customers remains high. Large, chain hotels tend to take the attention away from smaller properties because of name recognition. Stand out from the other properties in your area with technology that starts a conversation.

Something as simple as automatic lights can mean the difference between multiple vacancies and selling out the property. Travelers love unique features, which drives them to your hotel with only a minor regard for the price. In fact, some travelers are willing to pay a premium for a hotel room that has the latest gadgets ready to serve.

2. Enhances Security

Cards opening doors and automatic lighting are two tech ideas that should be starting points for your upgrade. Both of these features enhance security. Travelers enter their rooms with a brightly lit hallway both outside and inside the room. The card locks make it easy to enter for the desired party while locking undesirable people out of the picture.

There might be sensors on the windows too. Alerting the travelers to an open window will stop break-in issues from occurring. Some sensors can even alert guests on their cellphones. Securing each room is important for both hotel owners and guests alike.

3. Improves Amenity Sales

The room price is just the beginning of a guest’s charges at the hotel. Encourage spending on the property’s amenities with an in-room tablet. It might connect to room service, which allows the traveler to quickly order without a hassle. Many properties have seen an increase in profits when it comes to in-room ordering. Making this process easier will only encourage more orders.

This same concept applies to the in-room food and beverages. Travelers can pick and choose items that they desire. The moment that the item leaves the refrigerator, it’s billed to the room account. Travelers don’t have to order or account for anything with this technology.

4. Frees up Your Employees

Ask the best hotel tech companies about apps or hardware that your employees can use for guest notifications. Maintenance, concierge, room service and various other departments can have the proper calls routed to their area without any effort from the guests. They simply use the tech in their room to ask a question. The system quickly notifies the proper employee to solve the concern.

Without accurate routing, your employees may not be covering the guests’ needs as well as they could with the technology. Problems end up solved in rapid time while saving the employees from tiresome days and nights.

5. Encourages Repeat Business

Travelers who encounter these tech gadgets will want to experience the same level of hospitality in the future. In fact, they might look for these features in other hotels, but they won’t find them. Sticking with top-notch technology in your rooms will only encourage repeat business. Regardless of the guests’ reasons to be in town, they’ll make it a point to return if they’re in the area again. These features stand out to the guests as they leave the property. No other amenity, including a spectacular pool, can make an impact as solid as a tech gadget that enhances a visit.

6. Solidifies Business Relationships

Much of the business world is turning to virtual meetings today. Traveling to another city for business-related meetings doesn’t have the same volume as years before. However, there will always be a need for physical travel. Outfitting your hotel with top-notch technology now means that it’ll be ready to serve your guests as they return to the road.

Many businesses want a dedicated hotel to depend on for multiple employees and various trips. Researching another hotel takes too much time out of a busy day. Become the hotel that’s ready for one or more businesses each week. They’ll turn into your base income with solid profits each month.

7. Allows For Personalization

Turn your hotel into a “home away from home” with in-room technology. Choose gadgets that provide a personalized experience. For example, look for apps or software that personalizes messages on the television as guests walk into their rooms. Select technology that allows the guests to favorite channels on the TV, which gives them a sense of control and feeling of being at home. Any other gadgets that have customized options are great additions to any hotel room. These personalized surprises will only drive repeat business and good reviews.

8. Saves Money

Updating your hotel with the latest gadgets doesn’t always translate into expensive investments. Although some onsite hardware is important, a lot of upgrades come with a cloud component. Save all of your data in the cloud, which allows you to save customer information and business elements in one space. There’s no need to purchase a physical hard drive for the computer, for example. With cloud computing, the hotel saves on expensive components that will eventually require replacement. Lean on cloud storage, which requires the carrier to keep up with updates and hardware improvements.

9. Reduces Contact

Concerns about spreading viruses and other diseases are real in the hotel industry. Reducing contact on high-touch surfaces is the key to a germ-free hotel. Add voice-command gadgets to your rooms so that touching items is minimized. The hotel landline might have voice commands in the room, for instance. Venture out to the elevator, and ask it for a certain floor. Voice commands can also be used so that your staff doesn’t have to come into contact with a lot of guests. Everyone can remain healthy with more technology streamlining everyday life in the hotel world.

10. Maintains Cleanliness

Housekeeping will always be a constant at any hotel. However, technology can contribute to cleaner rooms, which translates into impressed guests and repeat business. Consider self-flushing toilets and automatic faucets. These items aren’t just trendy to install. They require no touching by the guests. The bathroom remains cleaner than it usually is during a stay. As a result, your guests are even happier with the experience. The cleaning crew saves time and effort as they move between rooms each day too. A clean hotel with advanced tech in the bathrooms gives everyone a reason to visit and experience the gadgets.

11. Simplifies Check-In and Check-Out Processes

Guests are usually in a hurry when they check in and out of a property. Give them a chance to move ahead with their daily tasks by empowering them with the latest apps and hardware. Allow them to check in with a kiosk, app or in-person chat. The guests can make the decision on how they want to enter the property. The check-out process can be automatic as the guests tap a button on the hotel’s app. Their credit cards are automatically charged, and they’re on their way to the next adventure.

Seek out the best hotel tech companies as you price the latest gadgets for your small property. It’s time to bring your rooms into the 21st century. Your clientele will be thrilled with the experience as you build a strong bottom line.

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