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Top 9 Best Voxal Voice Changer Software You Can Use In 2020

voxal voice changer

A voxal voice changer software does precisely what the name suggests. These software applications permit you to mask and recreate your voice. In the cases of real-time voice changers, you can modify your voice as you seamlessly interact with your good friends online.

Top 9 Best Voxal Voice Changer Software You Can Use In 2020

In this article, you can know about voxal voice changer here are the details below;

Now, there are many numerous reasons why you would wish to mask your voice. However, most people do it for enjoyment, particularly for online trolling. It doesn’t matter the inspiration behind regulating your voice, and you need apps and tools that can make this otherwise difficult task a possibility.

Continue reading as we check out the ten most effective voice changer software ever developed. You can also check over another article free cad software.

1. RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

As the names implies, RoboVox Voice Changer Pro is a voice modulating software application that’s suggested for users that want to experiments with robotic voices. Though this software application’s Android variation includes a small fee, there are many functions to take pleasure in.

To utilize RoboVox Voice Changer Pro, you start by taping your voice. After that, you can pick your preferred pre-programmed from any of the 32 consisted of alternatives. The software also executes a Vocoder innovation and an integrated X/Y control pad that enables users to play their sounds in real-time before permitting the audios to be sent.

Through RoboVox Voice Changer Pro, users can modify their voices and use the modifications as their ringtones.

2. Voicemod

Voicemod is exclusively compatibles with Window’s Operating System. The software application modulates your voice online and is created to support a range of online video game’s, consisting of Minecraft, Fortnite, and PUBG.

Like most voice-altering software application, Voicemod features a broad spectrum of voice alternatives and effects, including an infant, Android, Chipmunk, and Alien.

Besides offering voice-altering services, Voicemod likewise doubles up as a streaming and online chatting tool. It supports many streaming and chatting software applications, including Skype, VRChat, Twitch, Discord, to mention but a few.

3. NCH Voxal Voice Changer

NCH Voxal Voice Changers is compatible with both Window’s and MacOS. The app is incredibly easy to use. All you needs to recreate your voice is a micro-phone, along with the software that you’re utilizing for interaction.

NCH Voxal Voice Changer is also popular for its high flexibility, using countless different voice impacts. The effects have been creatively designed to fits within various contexts of communication.

The cherry on the cake is the reality that this app lets you modulate your voice in real-time while playing particular video games or simply talking with your buddies online. Examples of the video games you can play in real-time with this voice changer app include CSGO and Rainbow 6 Siege. Skype and TeamSpeak are some time of the streaming and talking services that NCH Voxal Voice Changer supports. Also check audio editor software.

4. All-in-One Voice Changer

The one unmissable feature of this voice changer software application is the wide range of voice-altering options that you get. The app is designed with multiple platform’s, with each platform boasting various options to modify their voice.

All-in-One Voice Changer works incredibly well with Skype. However, you can likewise integrate it with other chatting and streaming platforms, such as Yahoo and QQ International. The very best part is– the software application is complimentary, hence more accessible.

5. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Like most voice-altering apps, Voice Changer Software Diamond is created to be exceptionally easy to use. To change your voice using this softwares, you merely adjust your voice choices or experiment with the many available audio impacts.

Another noteworthy feature of Voice Changer Software Diamond is that you can modify your voice’s different initial files elements. Examples consist of making the voice noise more womanly or giving it a higher pitch. The app is ideal for talking and live streaming and incorporates numerous chatting and streaming services, such as Skype, Twitch, and Discord.

6. Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer is compatible with Window’s and is mainly recommended for chatting online. This free real-time voice changer software come’s with an intuitive designs that makes it beginner-friendly.

Clownish is extremely suitable, and upon installation, the software application can work with any application provided the app uses a microphone. That enables you to execute different voice results, such as Robot, Alien, to discuss but a couple of. Some of the chatting and gaming platform’s that Clownfish Voice Changer supports consist of Hangouts, Viber, Steam, and Discord.

Clownfish Voice Changer likewise includes an inbuilt music and sound player function, enabling you to listen to your favorite audio files while streaming game’s or chatting with your pals online. Last But Not Least, Clownfish Voice Changer supports VST plugins, allowing users to generate new sounds and audio results.

7. SuperVoiceChanger

SuperVoiceChanger is a Windows-based voice changer app available for free and offers lots of exciting voice regulating functions.

You can use the applicaion to alter your voice on various talking and streaming platforms, including Viedo Platform, WhatsApp, Line App, and Skype. The software works with nearly any voice-over-IP apps that you can consider.

SuperVoiceChanger includes a list of pre-existing voices in its Sound Templates. A few of the voice effects that users can execute consist of Sweet woman, Little lady, Male voice, Heavy guy, and much more. The app is likewise super-friendly to utilize. All you require to do is activate it and then sit back as it changes any inbound audios.

8. MorphVox

Morph Vox is available in 2 different plans. There is the complimentary variation known as MorphVox Junior and the paid variation known as MorphVox Pro.

The freemium variation can be found in 3 voice options: a single male, woman, and kid voice. However, if you’re trying to find the best voice changing experience, you may consider the premium variation.

Morph Vox Pro changes your voice in real-time, makes it ideal for online interaction and video gaming. With Morph Vox Pro, you get two running modes, consisting of the Skinned Mode and the Studio Mode. The skinned mode enables you to choose your preferred voice from pre-existing choices and explore a few results. The Studio Mode offer’s a bit more flexibility, permitting you to change the pitch, voice timbre, etc.

9. MasqVox Voice Changer

Among the greatest drawcards of MasqVox Voice Changer is its ease of use, thanks to the app’s simplistic design and instinctive interface.

And like the majority of voice-altering apps we’ve examined here, MasqVox Voice Changer can alter your voice in real-time and is finest for both online gaming and chatting. You can also review Webcam software.

The software is developed with a number of human-based and cartoon-based voice effects, offering users a great deal of versatility depending upon the context of their interaction or gameplay.


The app market teems with countless voice changer software, and choosing one item over another comes down to your specific preferences. However, when studying for the best voice changer applications, demand those that use various audio results while providing you to modulate your voice in real-time.

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