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12 Best WordPress Themes for SEO

SEO cannot be considered as a one-time effort – but rather like an ongoing, long-term project that has ever-changing parameters and goals.

For example, when thinking about SEO, the first thing that pops up in everyone’s mind is keywords and backlinking strategies.

However, SEO is much more than that, and it starts with your website design. Today, also thanks to the updates and innovations that Google Core Web Vitals have highlighted, SEO goes hand in hand with metrics such as website speed, responsiveness, accessibility, user experience (UX), stability, and interactivity.

The WordPress Themes below are great foundations for a modern, SEO-friendly website – but don’t forget that consulting an experienced WordPress web developer such as WEBX360 can help you design a tailored solution that meets your specific needs and goals.

MH Magazine

The MH Magazine is one of the best WordPress themes for those websites that tend to publish large quantities of content daily, weekly, or monthly. Thanks to this theme’s streamlined code, you can have a well-organized, easy-to-navigate, and professional blog that displays all of your content – organized by categories, date, and type of media.

One of the unique features of the MH theme is that it organizes the topics you have blogged about so that they are easily ranked and retrieved by search engines.

TheGem Theme

TheGem Theme is packed with so many SEO-friendly features and organizational elements that it can help any business achieve its goals – whether that is expanding your eCommerce store or reaching out to a greater audience.

Some of the unique benefits of the TheGem theme include a highly secure code, mobile-friendliness, quick loading times, and compatibility with several SEO plugins. While famous for all of these SEO-friendly features, TheGem does not compromise on design – and it even offers over 100 website demos you can choose from.

SEO Crawler

Whether you own a marketing or social media agency, or you are looking for a theme that can help you improve your small business site’s ranking, the SEO Crawler theme is the right option for your needs.

This theme, while entirely customizable and responsive across all devices, offers you a solid foundation to build a successful, high-performing, and high-ranking website. Indeed, SEO Crawler is fast, streamlined, interactive, responsive, and highly accessible.


If you don’t wish to compromise between design and SEO-friendly features, GeneratePress is the right theme. GeneratePress is extremely lightweight and able to meet the needs of most small businesses, regardless of the niche they operate in.

Indeed, GeneratePress can enhance your site’s performance by offering fast-loading features, a theme structure below 30KB, Google Fonts integration, importable site library, and a range of premium extensions to choose from.


If you have launched a creative agency or you are looking to make your work more visible and appreciated by a wider audience, look no further than Pofo. This highly versatile WordPress theme is created with the needs of creatives in mind.

Among the best features of this theme are the portfolio and service pages. However, within this helpful structure, you can find over 210 pre-built site demos, endless design options, and drag-and-drop builder integrations for full creative potential.


Created by WordPress, Schema is an ideal option for content marketing and SEO agencies who need an SEO-friendly base on which to build an entirely customized website.

Additionally, the Schema Theme allows you to effortlessly meet the changing needs of today’s internet users.

Indeed, today, speed is considered to be as important as SEO to improve ranking and visibility, and 53% of users leave a site that takes over three seconds to load. Luckily, this ultra SEO-friendly theme allows you to put to rest these worries and continue building your site.

X Theme

The X Theme is not only one of the best SEO-friendly WordPress themes, it is also a stunning, minimalist, and modern option that allows your site to stand out from the crowd with minimal effort.

The multipurpose X Theme represents an always-updates and ever-evolving base for your site. The lightweight design also creates plenty of room for your high-quality images and videos – no better way to help your site stand out!


Neve is a young and revolutionary SEO-friendly theme. This theme is incredibly fast and allows you to build any website, for businesses in any niche. Whether you are launching a WooCommerce site or you wish to give your personal portfolio more visibility, this site is entirely customizable, responsive, and always updated.


Genesis is much more than just another SEO-friendly WordPress theme. Genesis is a whole framework that includes themes, page builders, custom blocks, and premium features. The Genesis Framework is designed to help you create a WordPress site to live all within the same environment.

And, since you will be using all elements of a streamlined and tested framework, you won’t have to worry about issues such as SEO, speed, mobile-friendliness, and responsiveness – all these features are already incorporated!

The 7 Theme

The7 Theme does exactly what it says on the time – it is truly the most customizable theme on the market! It is naturally SEO-friendly and optimized to be fast, responsive, and accessible via all devices. Yet, it gives you access to endless features to create a website like no other.

When getting started with The7 Theme, you will be able to choose between two main appearance themes. Once you have chosen your base, you can then proceed to changing and tailoring all aspects of your new business site.


Modern statistics tell us that a great website speed to create a streamlined user experience is under two seconds. Yet, with the Eventum theme, you won’t have to worry about creating a fast and responsive site.

Similar to other WP themes, Eventum is suitable for most businesses and ventures. However, it is designed with the unique needs of conference and event organizers in mind.  Based on a simple appearance, this site is structured enough to allow you to add in all the information needed, but it is also light enough to guarantee an optimal experience to your users.


This theme is created to be highly versatile and multi-use, but it is particularly suitable for eCommerce stores and Shopify sites. It allows you to grow your online presence, outreach, and footfall without affecting the SEO friendliness and website speed that provide such a great experience to your users.

What’s more, is that this theme is entirely customizable to meet your brand’s needs.

Opt For A Custom Solution

Above we have seen some of the most SEO-friendly themes for WordPress websites. While they all represent great foundation layers for you to build a high-ranking, high-performing site, they might not meet all of your specific needs. In this case, a WordPress site developer can help you design a unique, tailored solution.