Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

In today’s age, if you want to establish your business and make it grow quicker, having an online presence is a tremendous help. To do this, people use content management systems like WordPress to run their website.

Selecting one of the best WordPress hosting plans is essential and also a great help when running your site. Although there are four main types of hosting plans, the favorite is the managed WordPress hosting.

 What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a plan designed to make people’s lives easier by handling all the backend support that a website needs. Anyone can use this kind of plan, whether it is for a personal blog or a business website, although most users are from the business sector as they need the security and speed that managed hosts offer.

Compared to other hosting plans, managed hosting usually has higher prices, but this is because it comes with more features than other plans to help users.

 Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

So, what makes managed WordPress hosting one of the best WordPress hosting plans? The answer lies in the features it offers and how people benefit from it. To give you more information, here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you subscribe to this hosting plan:

 Excellent Support Team 

Most hosting plans offer technical support, but with managed hosting, the support you get is from experts, so you can be sure that they know what they are saying.

For example, with over 54,000 plug-ins available on WordPress, you do not have the time to go through all of them and check which one is compatible with your site or which one works. An expert support team can quickly identify needed plug-ins and check if there is any conflict with your website.

With a managed hosting plan, the team will handle a single content management system, allowing it to focus more on providing the support you need. Plus, technical support for managed hosting is usually 24/7, especially for business plans.

 Great Security

Safety and security should always come first. What makes managed hosting one of the best WordPress hosting plans is the top-notch security it provides, with features like two-factor authentication, limited log-in attempts, and secured password enforcement.

People working behind your website are always monitoring it for any potential problems like malware, viruses, or hackers, and they immediately protect it before an issue occurs.

 Better Performance

With millions of WordPress users globally, it is easy for a WordPress site to slow down due to all the traffic it gets. Luckily, a managed hosting plan is designed to optimize your website to prevent it from slowing down.

Managed hosting comes with features and regular updates that help to keep your site up and running smoothly without any downtime or lags. Most managed hosting plans also handle your cache, so you do not have to worry about it.

On top of this, they have automatic backups and a considerable amount of storage, so your data is safe in case you need to reboot your site.


Managed hosting plans make your dashboard easier to navigate compared to the usual. With this, it is easier for you to go around your site and check statistics or changes you want to apply.

It also makes adding plug-ins and accessing development tools easier, although you usually would not need to do them, as the plans will take care of that for you.

Apart from this, it is easier to add SSL certificates to your website. Some hosts like WPSuites, even offer free and automated SSL certificates to their clients.

 Helps Increase Traffic

Most managed hosting plans not only come with multiple data centers so you can host your website on your target location, but they also help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Using SEO on your site and making sure that it is well optimized helps drive traffic for better chances of landing on the first page of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). And even with the increased visitors and users, managed hosting ensures that your website can handle the load without crashing.

Overall, if you want to improve your site’s traffic and performance while keeping it secure, using a managed WordPress hosting plan is the right decision. It is worth every dollar that you spend.

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