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30 Beautiful Free Flat Social Media Icons Sets For Web

A comprehensive list of the best free flat social media icons sets for personal and commercial use in design mockups, websites and elsewhere.

This time around I would like to help designers and web developers by collecting the best available flat icons sets. Some of these sets features long shadow that goes side by side with flat design principles. Buy instagram followers cheap 10k.


Creative Social Media Icons

Creative social media icon set with 40 icons and 3 different styles for each. On this list you will find Dribbble, Behance, Envato, Evernote, Dropbox, Instagram, Slack, Github, PayPal, WordPress, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and loads of other well designed icons that you can use for Sketch and Adobe Illustrator.

Author: Sebastiano Guerriero

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Simple Line Icons (Font Icons)

This is a simple line icon style icon set which is made as font therefore will be best suited for websites or elsewhere on the web where you need dynamically scaled icon that always look clean and sharp with no pixelation. Best free social media icons.

Author: Ahmad Firoz

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Free Flat Icons (Sketch & Illustrator)


50 awesome flat design inspired icon set that features icons such as Envato, Vimeo, Sketch, Slack, Medium, Photoshop, Evernote, Feedly, Yelp, Whatsapp, Snapchat,  WordPress, Paypal, Amazon, Github, Viber, Apple, Android, Shopify, Dribbble and loads of others.Best free social media icons this icons set also includes several traditional icons such as ones for Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others.

Author: Alexis Doreau

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Flat Social Icons Set for Sketch, Illustrator and Web (.sketch, .ai, .svg)

This stunning icon set is one of the smallests when it comes to unique social media sites but there are 6 different variations for each icons making this set unique and versatile. This icon set comes with .sketch, .ai, .svg file formats which means that you can use these icons with Sketch, Adobe Illustrator and on your website. This is a great set of icons if you are looking for a single set that you can use across all your tools and platforms. Best free social media icons.

Author: Christophe Kerebel

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Outline Social Icons

A small but versatile set with 27 minimal outline social icons. Great for websites, landing pages, graphic design and prints. The archive contains a JPG preview, PSD and Adobe Illustrator files therefore you can use these icons in any way you want. These social icons were first published on Dribbble and they gained huge popularity and now you have an exclusive chance to get them for free.

Author: Graphics Bay Team

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iOS Style Social Media Icons

These awesome social icons are created by fellow Latvian who is currently working from Manchester, UK. This set is inspired by iOS style design and features 24 awesome and well crafted social icons.

Author: Roberts Ozolins

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Flat Social Media Icons

These icons are designed by famous Designmodo team which is behind many trend setting design examples such as Flat UI Kit. This icon set features 35 social network icons in PSD and PSD format for everyone to choose. This icon set is free but you will have to subscribe to Designmodo newsletter via email to download them but it is worth it. Best free social media icons.

Author: Designmodo

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Publicons is a growing collection of finely tuned publishing & platform icons. These icons are completely open source and you can fork them on Github. These icons are made for web design and are available in .svg and .png format to make them easy to use on websites and email templates. Needless to say that .svg format makes them responsive if used correctly. Best free social media icons.

Author: Joshua Sortino

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Flat Social Media Icons by BesPSDFreebies

This is yet another awesome flat social media icons set and made available for free. This free set includes 10 social network icons and they are 64 x 64 px big. If you like this set you can download the full 24 icon set for as low as 2$.


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Flat Social Icons EPS

These flat social icons are available in EPS file format that can be used in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and elsewhere. These are well crafted icons and are vectorized. This is my favorite set on this list because of its clean and minimal design and EPS format.

Author: Jorge Calvo García

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Geekly is a clean, modern and flat icon set designed by Abdulrahim Bajaber. These icons are different because of ligh effect used for those. These icons can be used in any size up to 512px x 512px. This set includes 25 icons for social networks, 10 for website elements and 5 universal icons. Best free social media icons.

Author: Abdulrahim Bajaber

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Long Shadow Social Media Icons

This icon set by GraphicBurger contains 40 icon sets from social networks and popular services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Wikipedia, Amazon and other. These icons are designed using long shadow. For more long shadow examples you might check this article. These icons can be used in all sizes up to 256px by 256px.


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PSD Flat Social Icons

This is yet another social network PSD icon set which is designed using long shadow. These icons can come in handy if you are looking to explore long shadow and how it can be used for icons and other design elements. This set includes 16 icons from popular social networks. This is the most popular set on this list with over 30,000 download and counting. Best free social media icons.


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Flat Social Media Icons

This icon set comes with 90 different icons for 45 social networks which means 2 variations for each. One variations contains colorful icons and the second one is black and one set. This large icon set covers the entire icon spectrum.

Author: Enfuzed
Date Published: September 16, 2014

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While this icon set features only 12 icons it has unique set of icons that we haven’t seen on other packages such as Dribbble, Vine, Flipboard and other. The developers made this set available in PSD which you can suit best for Adobe Photoshop.

Author: Simeon K.

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Hex Icons Pack

Hex icons are not that popular these days but this icons has a power to bring them back on top. This set consist of dozens of icons for social media sites, services, apps and much more. Also, the is the largest and the most versatile set on this list.

Author: Martz90

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Vector Polygon Social Media Icons

Polygon is a clean, minimalistic social media icon set with 15 icons in total. This is second hex icon set on this list. Also, these are one of the minimalistic looking icons on this list and I love them. While is consist only of 15 icons they cover the most popular ones which is more than enough in most cases.

Author: LunarPixel

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Flat Social Media Icon Set

This is yet another flat design social network icon set that consist of 32 icons in EPS format optimized to be used in Adobe Illustrator. You can use this set perfectly for further tweaking and optimization.

Author: Allan McAvo

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Flat Social Icon Set

Although this is a free icon set but you can also purchase a full package for as low as $6. This set also consist of 20 icons in total for free package and 40 in premium package. Moreover, you can scale these icons up to 512x512px and are available as PSD, JPG and PNG.

Author: DesignDeck

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Circle Flat Icons Retina-ready

These icons comes in 4 different sizes: 256x256px, 128x128px, 64x64px, and 32x32px and are available in PNG. This set has 24 icons and are available for personal and commercial use.

Author: Land of Web

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