How to Run a WordPress Site With Business Perspective and Earn Revenues


All websites and blogs are created with business needs in mind. Web-based business operators have to optimize websites with the latest SEO practices to boost their ranking on all prominent search engines, generate lots of traffic every day and create leads. Several people create WordPress websites/blogs almost on a daily basis.

But, they don’t have any idea about how to run their websites/blogs with a business perspective and earn revenues through it. Do you also belong to the same group of people? If yes, then here are some tips using you can operate a successful and profitable web-based business. So, let’s start the voyage now.

1. Create & Sell WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are the main reasons of rapidly increasing popularity of this robust CMS. There are several thousands of plugins available on the official respiratory of WordPress and on other online resources. Using those plugins, webmasters add additional features and functionalities to WordPress websites. It allows website owners to easily meet the growing demands of visitors.

If you are a WordPress plugin developer, just advertise your services online and I’m confident you’ll start getting projects. Create and sell premium WordPress blogs and earn money this way.

2. Create & Sell WordPress Themes

You must have seen a lot of companies that design fantastic WordPress themes to generate revenues. For learning purposes, you should work in consultation with WordPress developers/designers and learn how to create WordPress themes. Once you learn the art of WordPress theme creation, just create premium WordPress themes for a wide range of websites and earn a handsome revenue every month.

3. Earning Through Contextual Advertising

If your WordPress website is visited by a good number of unique visitors on a daily basis, you can place contextual advertising on your website and earn a lot of money. There are several large advertising companies (AdSense from Google) that facilitate ad placement with minimal traffic too. But, with minimal traffic, your advertising profitability will be close to zero and there is no sense in keeping advertising pictures on the site that scare away the few visitors that you have.

4. Sell Premium Content

If your content is very valuable to the readers, make it premium. Just encourage people to pay a subscription fee for your premium content on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Many website owners use this technique. They publish some free content on websites/blogs to lure the people. If your topic is interesting, visitors will want to know more about that. So, ask them to make payment for reading your premium content.

5. Sell Digital Products

There are several website owners who sell ebooks, video courses, graphic elements, sound clips and other intellectual property products. Some individuals sell the electronic version of books at a lower price.

You can also translate famous write-ups in other languages and sell them. There are certain instructions for promoting pages in social networks, online presentations based on WordPress, conducting webinars. Just use them to get more traffic to your website and convert that into paying customers for good.

6. Offer Consultations & Training

If you consider yourself a competent specialist in a certain field, share your experience with people in exchange for some bucks. You can also help clients to solve complex issues (legal, financial, real estate, business building) and get some financial advantages. For this, you need to gather groups of like-minded people, organize trainings, and other educational events.

7. Sale Real Goods

Selling goods online is a new trend. People use different E-commerce websites to buy products/services online. If you are interested to sell your products online and earn a healthy revenue every month, WordPress is an ideal platform.

Just create a WordPress E-commerce website, optimize it for search engines and people, and get online buyers back to your online portal and start selling products and services.

8. Capitalize The Advantage of High-authority Websites

Guest blogging is still done by a large number of individuals to divert traffic to their websites and generate business opportunities. So, they try to get their content published on high-authority websites to achieve the ultimate goals of guest blogging activities.

If you run a high-authority website, just  use it to get some bucks back in your wallet. Just accept guest posts from interested customers and charge them for publishing their posts on your platform. It helps your website to rank well on the web and attract more traffic back to your website, making more business opportunities. So, you get double benefits with just one work.

9. Create WordPress Websites For Clients

The demand for professional, customer-centric, and eye-catching websites are escalating. Although, with the help of plugins and themes, anyone can make WordPress websites. But, the creation of professional websites demands good website building skills and sound knowledge of different programming languages. If you are blessed with that, just create websites for your clients and earn a huge amount of money at all the times.

Final Words

The ultimate goal of website development is to sell products/services and generate revenues. If you run a WordPress website, use the above-mentioned technique to cultivate business and generate revenues.


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