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Top WordPress Design Trends For Small Businesses


As a small business, it can be expensive to hire a website developer to design your online platform. But now, there are numerous free and affordable themes to help with the website development and design.

With customizable themes like Blocksy, you can compete with global businesses and offer your products on a high-quality platform. Check out a Blocksy theme review to understand how your business can benefit from an all-inclusive theme.

If you follow some basic strategies, you can ace the design aspects of your website. These tips range from simple color themes to advanced AI integrations. With the budget-friendly options and democratizing of website development, your site can thrive among the competition.

Design Trends You Should Follow

Here are a few design upgrades for your small business that are trending now:

Asymmetrical Layouts

The strict rules that governed website design and expected professional layout are long gone. Asymmetry and irregularity in design have an artistic vibe of their own. Website visitors are so accustomed to aligned layouts that a little chaos in design can grab their attention.

With asymmetry, it doesn’t mean that the website has no structure or proper navigation. It only refers to the visual design aspects like overlaying images or text and picture interactions.


The trend of simplicity has survived for a long time and keeps evolving. Whether it is fashion, style, or design, minimalism is a favorite theme. If you’ve seen minimalist websites, you’ll know how neat and viewer-friendly they look.

Most high-end websites incorporate these minimalistic, high white-space themes to bring attention to their products. These websites also guarantee faster load time, more straightforward navigation, improved SEO, and better performance.

Pop Colors

As a total contrast to minimalism, bright and saturated colors make a website stand out. This design style is usually used by businesses that want to demonstrate their bold personality. Knowing your audience also helps in choosing either a flat design or a vibrant layout.

Add textures or patterns to personalize your website’s overall look. Colors can invoke different reactions in your viewers. Synchronized combinations of bright or pastel colors can transform your website.

Dark Mode

With most social media apps like WhatsApp and Instagram offering dark mode, you should also consider this as an option for your website. A dark theme is easy on the eyes and also allows the screen to consume lesser energy.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

A few years ago, AR and VR were trending in the gaming industry. But today, it has made its way into products and services. VR can give your audience a surreal experience by bridging reality and the digital world. Industries like hospitality can provide users with a mini trip through virtual reality.

Augmented reality brings virtual objects to the real world. It is beneficial for businesses with product offerings. When choosing an outfit, furniture, or glasses, customers can do a 3D trial before purchasing.

Video Backgrounds

Video attracts more attention than images. It is because video offers a lot more content to consume and renders a clearer idea of the product or service. Videos are also helpful on product pages. Detailed video descriptions of the products increase their selling potential.

Voice-activated Websites

Slightly on the more expensive side, voice search can transform your website. Your customers will be able to navigate through your website without the need to type. It especially helps when viewers want to multitask or take a break from typing.

Google also encourages websites to implement voice control through NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology and provide advanced services to consumers.

Other design trends to consider are micro-interactions, bold typography, and custom illustrations. Even the most minute changes can create a notable impact on the visual aspects of a website. WordPress design themes allow these significant upgrades and help you grow your customer base.

Blocksy is a WordPress theme that can help you incorporate these design elements and concepts. An honest Blocksy theme review will speak about its user-friendly interface and design customizability.



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