Best Android Apps for Movie Lovers

You don’t prefer to go for a theater watching movies because of higher prices and consuming lots of your valuable time. How great experience you get if you watch all the latest movies on your smartphone with just a few clicks.

Do you really intend to watch your favorite movies but unable to find an appropriate platform? Well, some apps may surely let you reach what you want. If you are a big movie lover and snooping for the best apps to watch your favorite movies, here are listed some really great apps that stand at your all needs.


Nowadays Netflix is getting very popular among movie lovers. Netflix confers you a huge platform to watch TV shows and movies as well in ultra HD. It means the entire content is available in full HD that gives you an amazing experience of watching the latest movies or TV shows on your smartphone. In addition, it also endows the ratings on movies and TV shows. Movie lovers must try this app once. You can download this great app for free but afterward, it asks for the monthly or annual subscription while signing up. But the best thing is viewers can try its free one month trial. So get the perfect data plan to stream the videos or keep enough space in your device to download your favorite videos to watch offline later.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the great apps and only made for those who are movie lovers. It can be downloaded for free and no need to sign up here with debit or credit card. You can stream your favorite movies and TV shows in HD quality without spending your precious money. The best thing, if you intend to watch videos later then it permits you to bookmark them. In addition, people can watch these TV shows and movies on different devices like PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV, Chrome cast, and lots more.


Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is introduced by the well known eCommerce platform Amazon. People can enjoy its wonderful services including TV shows, latest movies and trailers, and lots more with nominal monthly or annual subscription. This platform is getting popular presently as it comprises wide ranges of HD videos. It gives an option to download your favorite videos if you

want to watch them later as per your convenience. Also, you can view the IMDb data for your favorite songs, celebrities and lots more.



RunPee is a different kind of app that can also be considered for movie lovers. This app suggests you about which particular time is suitable to take a break for a pee while watching the movie. When you come from the break it summarizes what exactly done when you were on the break. Moreover, it also says to you what you have missed at the theatre when you reached late. It also gives you alert for the post-credit scenes which are worth remaining for or not.



IMDb is counted as one of the most prominent platforms around the world that offers you a huge range of top rated movies and TV shows. Apart from movies, IMDb also gives you a broad collection of reviews, short clips, trailers and information about celebrities for each movie. Moreover, if you want to rate the seen movie then you can create also your account here. Even you can also follow the artists to get notifications on their latest movies and TV shows. The app is completely free to download. Movie lovers should think about to keep this well known app on their smartphones.



Fandango is designed for those people who want to book the movie ticket online from their smartphones. You can find here your favorite latest movie and buy the ticket to watch. You can quickly and simply get the movie showtimes at nearby and then buy the tickets. If you don’t know the direction of the theatre, don’t worry it will assist you. Moreover, you can also cancel your ticket and get the refund. It shows the Rotten Tomatoes reviews while browsing your favorite movie. You can watch here the movie trailers, celebrity’s interviews and many more. There is no need to pay any charges to download this app.


Guess the Movie

Guess the Movie is another great app in the list specifically designed for the movie lovers. This app shows you four pictures and by using these pictures as a hint, people need to guess what exactly this movie is. This app is going to be really awesome in terms of puzzles. So don’t be delayed and download this wonderful app for solving the puzzles of movie-related and screen your knowledge about movies. The pro of this app is, there is no any signup required to use this app. Furthermore, the offline feature is also there, the list includes movies from different countries and genres.



Dinggo is also a wonderful app for movie lovers as you can grab any of your favorite movies with just a few clicks. If you are a user of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. then you can readily understand how it becomes difficult to watch your favorite movies. So all you need to enter your preference here then it will recommend you the top movies. Now begin to swipe for finding your favorite movie. It is a user-friendly app that can be downloaded simply on your device for free.


FreeFlix Hq App

The Freeflix is the third party app, means it is not available on the Google Play store and Apple App store. But the app provides the all movies and tv series in free, yes you heard right. Unlike the above mentioned apps you don’t need to subscribe or buy any monthly price, here all the content is free for everyone. The app will update all the content with time and offers the complete range of content. You can even download or stream the videos if you want. The freeflix hq is the best app for the movie lovers.


Conclusion –

After reading the article, the conclusion comes as all the above-mentioned apps are dedicated to movie lovers. You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your smartphone without consuming your precious time and money to visit the theatre. All the apps include the latest movies and TV shows and get regularly updated. You can also buy movie tickets online through your smartphone with some apps.

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