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The Best Antivirus Apps For Android Smartphones


Android is the most widely-used operating system in the world, which suggests that having the most effective security apps and antivirus tools for android installed on your device is important, as Google’s OS is usually targeted by malware due to its popularity.

Whatever software package you use along with your android phone or tablet, you’d be informed have an antivirus or a security app installed on your device. in this article, we’re going to highlight 10 of the most effective antivirus tools for android in 2019 – most of that completely free apps to download. Free Antivirus App for Android.

Antivirus apps protect your Android device against various threats. But which one is the best? Today we present you the 19 Best Antivirus apps that we trust.

Best Free Antivirus apps for Android

Although we regularly write about newly discovered malware on Android, that’s just a fraction of what goes wrong. If you use your device incorrectly, malware and viruses can cause a lot of damage. That is why there are various antivirus apps in the Play Store which help you fight against these viruses.

Most users don’t find it necessary to install an Antivirus app. Google scans the apps in the Play Store and on your device for any harmful code via Google Play Protect. Yet the danger can come in from many sides and Play Protect does not stop all new malware.

If you do not trust ‘Google Play Protect’ or you cannot recognize malicious apps, text messages, emails and more, an antivirus app can certainly help. Even if it is just for a safe feeling. We recommend the following options.

Note that free antivirus apps display advertisements and probably resell your information for advertising purposes.

1. Bitdefender Mobile Security

With Bitdefender Mobile Security you have a very nice antivirus package on your smartphone. The app has a malware scanner and can place a pin code over your sensitive apps.

The app also keeps a close eye on whether anything strange is happening in your browser.

Bitdefender can even use Android Wear to protect your smartphone. The app makes the smartwatch vibrate if you are too far away from your smartphone, after which you can make your phone ring loudly with a tap on your smartwatch Bitdefender best free antivirus for android.

In addition to protecting you well, Bitdefender does not overload your device.

Unfortunately, there is no free version of this app. On the brighter side, you are not bothered by annoying advertising. And this money enables the makers to keep the app as up to date as possible. Bitdefender costs around $1 a month. The app offers two weeks free trial, so you can try if it’s worth your money.

2. Norton Mobile Security


We think this is the best free option, although you can also opt for a subscription for more functions. Although a subscription is not necessary because the free version also offers enough security that you expect from a good antivirus app. Norton Mobile Security old and best free antivirus for android.

If you choose a subscription then you get App Advisor, which checks apps for privacy risks and the excessive use of your battery and data before you download them. The premium version of this app is free to test for a month. Once the trial period is over, you can continue to use the free options.

3. Kaspersky Lab


Kaspersky also offers a free antivirus app for Android. This app scans in the background to see if there are viruses, malware, spyware or trojans on your device. It is also possible to lock an app via a pin code and the app tries to protect you against phishing. It is also a very nice clear app our favorite best free antivirus for android.

4. Avast Antivirus & Security

Avast has also put together a nice complete package. The free version offers, among other things, best free antivirus for android, the possibility to scan for viruses, delete unnecessary data, block phone numbers and monitor your browsing behavior. Buying a subscription will get rid of the ads, activate anti-theft functions, and add the ability to lock apps.

5. Virus Cleaner (Hi Security)

Virus Cleaner from Hi Security is another free antivirus app with a good stack of functions and best antivirus for android.

In addition to a virus scanner, the app also has the option of emptying your cache, optimizing your CPU, putting your apps behind a pin code, filtering your notifications, blocking unwanted telephone numbers and much more.

Android can also do most of these functions, but here you have everything in a handy package. Since this is a free app, you must be aware that Hi Security can monitor your behavior and use it for commercials, Virus Cleaner best free antivirus for android.

6. Security Master

Security Master is the upgraded version of the original CM Security app for Android. It is an all-in-one antivirus app tu use in 2019 that has a considerable number of downloads along with good ratings in the Play Store. It keeps your phone safe from all sorts of malware and makes sure that no viruses get into your phone. The free version itself brings you tons of great security features such as app locker, scanner, message security, Wi-Fi security, junk cleaner, notification cleaner, phone booster, CPU cooler, battery saver, call blocker, etc.

Along with these, it also enables you to browse any of your favorite sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. safely from within the app. Security Master is an excellent security app that can be listed among best free android antivirus apps.

Special Features Of Security Master

  • Safeconnect VPN for accessing websites that are blocked in your region
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Message security for hiding notification previews
  • Intruder selfie for capturing intruders


7. DFNDR Security

DFNDR is one such free antivirus for Android that keeps your smartphone’s performance optimized. The AV-TEST Institute named it a top-rated antivirus app. It is an all-in-one phone protection app along with features for anti-hacking and anti-phishing. It can also speed up your internet connection by closing background apps that compete for bandwidth. However, the downside is that it displays ads which can be annoying, but you can go ad-free with a small amount of yearly subscription.

Special Features Of DFNDR Security

  • Anti-hacking and anti-phishing protection feature
  • Quick cleanup to remove junk files and cache
  • AppLock to lock apps with passcode and fingerprint technology
  • DFNDR assistant for sending you regular updates about utilizing antivirus to its full extent


8. Avira Antivirus Security

Avira Antivirus is a lesser-known Android security app which is equally reliable like its other competitors on the list. It is fully-featured, and most of its functions are available in the free version itself. In case of antivirus and privacy protection, it can even scan external storage units and show how each app rates on a privacy scale. With the ‘cell phone tracker,’ it can track your phone’s location whenever necessary.

Also, if you ever lose your phone, it can prompt the person who has your phone to contact you. With the premium version, you can get extra protection such as camera protection, additional browser security, etc. These features can be easily bought from the in-app purchases of the app.

Special Features Of Avira Antivirus Security

  • Privacy advisor for showing how apps collect your data
  • Camera and Mic protection for security against snooping attacks
  • Ant-ransomware for protection from ransomware attacks
  • Web-based malware protection


9. AVG AntiVirus

AVG AntiVirus is a robust antivirus software tool, developed by AVG Technologies which is a subsidiary of Avast software. It features most of the standard functions necessary in modern anti-virus and internet security programs such as periodic scans, Wi-Fi security, junk cleaner, ram booster, call blocker, power saver, etc.

Some highly useful features are only available for a trial period of 14 days in the antivirus app. AVG also has a few add-on apps such as AVG Cleaner, AVG secure VPN, Alarm Clock Xtreme, and Gallery app available in the Play Store for free.

Special Features Of AVG AntiVirus

  • Dual-engine antivirus for removing viruses and other malicious content
  • Performance-boosting feature for extending battery life
  • Photo vault for locking photographs
  • Surveillance agent for remotely capturing photos and record audio from phone via the website


10. 360 Security

360 Security is another best antivirus for Android. This app gives you many reasons for why it should be a must-have app on your phone. Major features include antivirus protection, junk cleaner, speed booster, lock screen which has multiple functions, CPU cooler, anti-theft protection, etc.

In addition to real-time protection, it has a multi-function lock screen for providing you phone status direct from your smartphone’s lock screen The antivirus app is free with in-app purchases and displays ads.

Special Features Of 360 Security

  • Speed booster for cleaning up phone’s RAM and boosting gaming experience
  • Call & SMS filter
  • Intruder selfie for capturing the picture of anyone trying to break into your phone


11. Google Play Protect

Bringing the best of Google security to your Android device

Google Play Protect is Google’s built-in malware protection for Android. Backed by the strength of Google’s machine learning algorithms, it is always improving in real time.

If you’ve misplaced your device, Find My Device has your back. You can locate it by signing into your Google account, or even call it directly from your browser. Lock your device remotely or display a message on the lock screen, so if someone finds it they know who to contact. Plus, if you’re convinced it’s lost for good you can erase all your data.

Scanning and verifying over 50 billion apps every day

All Android apps undergo rigorous security testing before appearing in the Google Play Store. We vet every app and developer in Google Play, and suspend those who violate our policies. Then, Play Protect scans billions of apps daily to make sure everything remains spot on. That way, no matter where you download an app from, you know it’s been checked by Google Play Protect.


12. Webroot Android Security & Antivirus

Webroot antivirus, internet security, and identity protection
Webroot SecureAnywhere® Mobile Free keeps you secure when browsing, shopping, and banking on your Android™ device. This app uses the Device Administrator permission. Webroot is best antivirus for android.


► Automatically scans apps for malware and viruses
► Set it and forget it – continuous protection without interruptions or slowdowns


13. Sophos Mobile Security

Winner of the AV-TEST awards “Best Android Security 2016” and “Best Protection 2015”
For 14 tests in a row, starting September 2014, Sophos Mobile Security has hit a perfect 100% protection score in AV-TEST’s comparison of the top Android security and antivirus apps many people using Sophos is best antivirus for android.

Full features, no advertising, all free
Sophos is an IT security leader for companies and governments worldwide. This app comprehensively protects your Android device and your privacy without impacting performance or battery life.


14. Mobile Security: Antivirus, Wi-Fi VPN & Anti-Theft

Secure your Android devices, protect your personal information, and help keep your private data away from prying eyes with the McAfee Mobile Security app – a free antivirus cleaner and phone security app that helps protect your online privacy while enhancing your Android phone or tablet’s performance.

McAfee is one of the biggest names in antivirus apps. It’s also one of the heaviest. The app includes scanning, anti-theft, anti-spyware, and security locking features. Additionally, it can take photos of your potential phone thief, record locations to the cloud before the phone shuts down, and more useful stuff. McAfee also has a variety of standalone apps for other things. The UI is old and it doesn’t look very good. Additionally, it has boost features that don’t work and it requires an account creation to go pro. The antivirus portion of the app does work rather well and some of the tertiary features are nice. McAfee old and best antivirus for android.


15. Malwarebytes Security: Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes is one of the most popular antivirus apps on Windows. The mobile version is pretty good too. It features an aggressively updated virus database, support for malware and ransomware, a permission tracker, and more. It can even scan messages in WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, etc for potentially dangerous links. Of course, it does the usual stuff like scanning as well. The app looks nice, works well, and it’s not too heavy like others. Malwarebytes best antivirus for android.

Malwarebytes Security: Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware.

Block scams and protect your privacy. Our powerful app scans for viruses and malware, and aggressively detects ransomware, PUPs, and phishing scams.

Your Malwarebytes for Android or Malwarebytes for Chromebook free download comes with a 30-day trial of the Premium version. When the 30-day trial is ended, Malwarebytes will only detect and clean, but not prevent, infections. It’s ad-free, forever.

Note: Malwarebytes for Chromebook is an Android app engineered specifically to protect your Chromebook. Google Play automatically detects if you are viewing this page on an Android device or a Chromebook, and will install the appropriate Malwarebytes product.


16. Lookout Security & Antivirus

Lookout is another popular antivirus and anti-malware app. It comes pre-installed on many devices, especially on carriers like T-Mobile. It does the basics fairly well. That includes scans, phishing protection, malware protection, anti-theft features, and more. It also comes with some unique stuff like identity protection, identity insurance, and WiFi scanning. That gives it a bit of a different perspective than most antivirus apps. It goes for $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year. It’s reasonably good for an antivirus or anti-malware app. Lookout Security best antivirus for android.

We’re excited to introduce Safe Wi-Fi and System Advisor, two brand new security features to keep you and your personal data safe and secure.

Safe Wi-Fi
– Protects you and your data from dangerous Wi-Fi attacks. Get peace of mind as you connect to Wi-Fi networks on the go, knowing that Lookout is checking to make sure your connection is safe and secure.

System Advisor
– Checks your device for root detections to make sure the operating system on your device is working properly.

Lookout is now the only all-in-one app that protects your device, your data and your identity with powerful mobile security and identity theft protection

Lookout Premium Plus*:
Lookout Premium Plus comes with all of the Premium functionality, plus identity theft protection.


17. Avast! Android Security & Antivirus

ESET is another big name in the antivirus and anti-malware world. It has a decent set of features, including scans, anti-theft support, a security auditor feature, scan scheduling, and more. The setup process is a bit intrusive. It’s one of the few that require an email address. Otherwise, it works pretty well. You get a free one month trial upon installation. From there, it goes for $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year. It’s not quite has heavy as something as AVAST or AVG best antivirus for android, but it is heavier than CM Security Lite or Bitdefender. Take that info for what it’s worth.

ESET Mobile Security is a fast and powerful antivirus and antimalware application protecting your Android smartphone or tablet.

Join millions of users around the world and take advantage of PREMIUM features including an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Proactive Anti-Theft and Anti-Phishing.

After download, you will automatically get 30 days for FREE to try out all the cool PREMIUM features and to experience what having a fearless Android experience means. Afterwards, you can decide to continue with PREMIUM’s enhanced features, or keep the basic FREE version.

Enjoy safer technology without thinking about ransomware, adware, phishing other malware while checking your emails, downloading files or simply browsing the web.


18. Dr.Web Security Space

Dr Web is one of the older antivirus apps and anti-malware apps. It has a decent set of features, including quick and full scans, protection from ransomware, a quarantine space, and even stats. Along with that, it has good anti-theft features, call and SMS filtering, URL filtering, parental controls, a firewall, and more. It’s also fairly inexpensive. It goes for $7.99-$15.99 for one to two years. There is also a lifetime license for $74.99. The lifetime license is a tad pricey. However, it does mean you only pay once. Dr. Web is the best antivirus for android.

Complex protection from all kinds of threats for mobile devices, Anti-virus for TV sets, media players, and game consoles based on Android TV.

The product is free for 14 days; after that you need to purchase a commercial license valid for a year or more.
Use Dr.Web Security Space for Android for free with the purchase of Dr.Web Security Space or Dr.Web Anti-virus for PC/Mac.


19. Avira Antivirus Security 2019-Antivirus & AppLock

Avira is one of the newer antivirus apps comparatively speaking. It grew rather quickly over the last year. The app comes with the basics, including device scans, real-time protection, external SD card scans, and a lot more. Some other features include anti-theft support, privacy scanning, blacklisting, and even device admin features. It’s much lighter than apps like Norton and others. It’s also relatively inexpensive and there is a free version. We also highly recommend its Stagefright Advisor tool.

The best free antivirus cleaner, mobile phone security, privacy, and anti-theft app for Android: Avira Antivirus Security.

Your photos, contacts, emails and credit card numbers are on your phone. Avira Antivirus Security is best antivirus for android app that protects your phone & tablet. More than a free antivirus scanner & malware/spyware cleaner, our full-featured free mobile security app provides safe browsing and remote anti-theft features to track & find your devices.



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