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Growing Your Business with Software


In this digital age the only sustainable way forward for a business is using the digital tools that our new age has made available to us. Digitalisation has proven to make whatever it touches faster, more efficient and less taxing for the employees involved.

One of the main ways to achieve this is through the acquisition of professional software that can complement and even enhance the way your business works and functions. Let us go through some software that you can use to make life easier for you, your employees and your business.

Freshbooks – Tracking & Invoicing

Any business has a continuous in- and outflow of money. Your business will invest in materials and salaries to employees to provide a service and you will then charge money from your clients and consumers for said service. Keeping track of this balance and movement of money is crucial. This knowledge tells you how healthy your business is, it allows you to make predictions of growth or decline and so there is not much room for error in such data.

Software can in this instance be the most reliable tool you will ever ally yourself with. An example is Freshbooks. Freshbooks is an invoice and tracking software. It is suited for you who are a businessowner, freelancer or a subscription service. It has several great uses, and we will go through them here.

First off, the software is mainly used to keep track of pending invoices you must send out to your clients. You will be able to fast and easy plot in all the invoices you must send, and you can then send them off within minutes A long and tiresome process has been reduced to something quite trivial.

You can also use Freshbooks to track time on certain projects or on payments, making it a great time management tool as well.

Freshbooks is ideal because it claims to be able to save you an entire two days a month of time making and sending invoices. This is time you can use more productively and efficiently. It also helps you greatly keep track of your expenses and earnings, helping you allocating resources to your business where they are most needed to adapt and survive. So, do yourself a favour and look up freshbooks pricing and invest in the software in the capacity it can serve you the best.

Brand 24 – Marketing Made Simple

Marketing your products well as a business is crucial to stay afloat in a market that is more competitive than ever. Lo and behold, software can yet again make your life a lot easier in this regard.

Brand24 is a digital marketing tool that you can use to analyse customers’ and consumers’ opinions and discussions about your products and services on the internet. The software provides you with real time insight into these matters by scouring the web for any mentions of your company or products associated with your company. Whenever somebody says something about your products or company you will be able to see it immediately. This can help you adjust your products or company policy to satisfy the wants and needs of your customers. This will in turn make your company and products more appealing, likely increasing your overall sales and product value.

Just make sure that you keep updated on laws regarding user data. Especially the storage of said data is heavily regulated in most places around the world. While this tool is great for marketing you must always make sure you protect the privacy of your customers.



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