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E-Commerce Business Strategies For Increasing Sales Conversion

If you are an E-Commerce store owner and you have an e-commerce brand, then you will agree that the performance of an e-commerce store never remains the same for extended periods. There are always ups and downs in your sales, whether you are a small brand or a well-known brand. You have probably thought about your website cro audit to know what affects your conversions. So what you have to do is keep trying different strategies that could help you in boosting your sales and increasing your conversion.

Today we are going to have a look at some of the strategies that are proven to increase the sales of e-commerce stores. They can be adopted by anyone who wants to see an increase in the conversions of his e-commerce business.

Use Abandoned Carts To Your Advantage

You can use an abandoned cart strategy to increase sales and conversions; otherwise, you will let many customers slip through your fingers. Mostly it happens that people visit your online store add something in the shopping cart. Then they abandon your cart when they were just one step away from making a purchase. There could be several reasons behind this, like they got distracted by something like a phone call or a Facebook message. When they came back, they found an offer for the same product on another store and purchased it from there.

You can use the abandoned cart recovery system on your e-commerce store, which allows you to send emails and reminders to your customers to come back and finish their purchase. By doing this, you can reduce the abandonment rate by up to 77%, and you will observe a dramatic increase in your sales by implementing this strategy.

Use of 3D Product Models

3D product models and augmented reality has gained a significant importance in the e-commerce industry. It not only increases your sales but also increase the engagement of your e-commerce stores. Now more and more e-commerce stores are implementing 3D product viewers to gather the attention of their customers. You can try this also and get benefit from it.

Discount Coupons

Another strategy that you can implement is offering free discount coupons to your customers. It is buyer psychology that they love freebies and discounts. According to research, there are 50% more chances of purchase if there is a discount on products. You don’t have to offer heave discounts to generate sales. Just a small amount of 5% to 10% is enough to motivate the customers to buy a product. Many famous e-commerce stores like AliExpress and Alibaba uses this strategy to generate thousands of sales daily. You can try this too.

Free Shipping Strategy

Providing free shipping with the products can also increase sales in your e-commerce store. It has now become a standard to offer free shipping. Many famous brands are following this. It is also a psychological game that customers are attracted to the products and brands that offer free shipping. What you can do is increase the prices of your products a little bit to cover the shipping costs and provide free shipping on the sales page. By doing this, you can implement this strategy in a controlled manner but don’t increase the prices so much; otherwise, you will end up losing your customers.

Make Your Checkout Procedure Smooth And Simple

It would be best if you avoid complexities in your checkout procedure. The checkout process of your store should be as simple as possible, and it should be quick and easy. Try to include everything on one page. If your checkout process is based on multiple pages, then try to include a progress bar on the bottom of each page so that customers should know that how much steps they need to perform to complete the checkout process. More extended checkouts can make your customers leave, and you will end up losing a customer.

Use Customer Reviews in Your Advantage

The reviews of your customers can help you to generate many sales and grab a lot of new customers. You must enable the product reviews on your e-commerce store or website. You can also highlight the reviews of your previous customers as testimonials and make them visible to upcoming customers. Customer reviews and testimonials help your new customers to develop trust and confidence in purchasing from your store. You can increase your sales and conversion rate from 30% to 70% by just using customer reviews to your advantage.

Write Helpful And Optimized Product Descriptions

Your product descriptions should be well written, and they should be precise and accurate. They should be well-optimized not only for customers but for search engines also. If your product descriptions are well written and well optimized, it is very likely that your store will rank higher in the search engines, and you will get more sales and conversions. Also, they should be compelling for customers, and they should be convinced to buy the product utilizing product descriptions.

These are some practical strategies that you can use to increase sales and conversions for your e-commerce business. You can quickly implement these strategies and can benefit from them.


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