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Trends of Software Test Automation Expected in 2020

Software Test Automation Expected

If you have been worrying about what to expect in your testing career next year, worry no more, because here, we have compiled a list of expected test automation trends. We are sure, with the knowledge supported by appropriate training you are going to be on top of your testing prowess.

To summarize, in this article we will talk about:

  1. Multi-experience Testing
  2. Democratization of Automated Testing
  3. Automation via Distributed Cloud
  4. DevTestOps
  5. NLP


To understand the trends betters let’s first go through the challenges that the software automated testing industry is facing at present:

  1. Initial creation and maintenance of automated test suites are time-consuming and need especially skilled people.
  2. The automation put in place is usually code extensive and is not understood by people who don’t understand coding.
  3. The time to release to market has significantly reduced now, thanks to processes like DevOps, but because testing is not able to scale up to the required speed, there are times when bugs are missed and are reported as customer issues.
  4. The tools that use Cloud for test execution are slow while report creation due to the location of the Cloud.
  5. The market is full of devices in different sizes and shapes, and apps are being created with support for all of them. Testing apps for all of them while saving precious time and resources is a big challenge.


Looking at these challenges, we believe organizations will focus more on resolving these challenges using the following test automation trends for 2020:

  1. Multi-experience testing – There are already multiple solutions available in the market that deal with testing and automation on different browsers and devices available in the market. The multi-experience development has also started including augmented reality and virtual reality now and testing and automation for these is also expected to grow with this trend.
  2. DevTestOps – DevOps has been instrumental is making quick releases to the market a reality but what suffered was quality. Testing was not involved as a part of DevOps and thus there were times when products were deployed with major bugs that resulted in an unending cycle of working on patches to fix the problems. 2020 is expected to be the year when Testing will finally be included with DevOps in the form of continuous testing and what will emerge will be called DevTestOps.
  3. Democratization of Automated Testing – Democratization means inclusion. Automation since a long time has been done by people who are specially hired for automation. They are not the people who test the features, they are not the people who develop the features but they are a link between the two. The information and knowledge they have is limited too. By making automation doable and understandable for all, the project and product managers will be able to review the automated tests and manual testers will be able to work on the automation easily.
  4. Automation via Distributed Cloud – Cloud has solved a lot of problems that include reducing the hassles of infrastructures for teams and being able to use and pay for just the exact amount of hardware they need to use. The only problem that was still being faced was the delay it sometimes caused because of being hosted on a remote location. These problems will now be solved when the cloud will be distributed according to the location and is expected to be adopted by companies to host their test cases for better test execution and reporting..
  5. Natural Language Processing (NLP) – NLP is a branch of AI that aims at making interactions with a machine human-friendly. To achieve reliable automated testing results, the inclusion of coding and programming languages has been a must for a long time now. But now, tools are being introduced in the market that use NLP on the frontend to make the process of test creation very easy. NLP has made automation as easy as writing test steps in simple English. 2020 is expected to see a rise in adoption of such tools. This will also reduce the learning curve for automation and will enable other members of the team to participate in test automation and review activities.


Here is a detailed and complete view of some of the Best Latest Software Test Automation Trends To Look For In 2020

Thus, we expect 2020 to prove as a major milestone as far as improvements related to testing and quality are concerned. Testing will finally receive the importance and attention it deserves as an important factor contributing to the success of an application.