What Is Compattelrunner Exe Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Are you a windows 10 user? What do you do when you are plagued with low performance or higher temperature? The first thing you have to do is to examine your task manager. By so doing, you will know the causes of high load. In most cases, the problem is caused by memory issues, data usage, CPU and graphics among others. Again, these problems are mainly caused by Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry, commonly referred to as CompatTelRunner.exe. So then what are you supposed to do? When, if the CompatTelRunner.exe loads your system within a very short time, there could be nothing to worry about. I mean it is not a big problem. But then what if it cannot lessen the load with time, making it difficult for other programs to run? Well, you will have to address that problem. But again how can you address that? In this blog, we shall have a very close look at exactly this process is and how you can fix the problem. We are interested in with the answer to the question – What Is Compattelrunner Exe Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry? With your undivided attention, you will learn all the basics you need. Let us begin…

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

We have briefly defined this concept. In general, this is a service tasked with the duty of collecting telemetry as well as the diagnostic data in your PC. It augments the operating system when it comes to analyzing and rectifying issues and errors. That is the reason why you really need it. It has nothing to do with your files or other important things stored on your computer. It is simply an aspect of the system operations which is activated by default. I started by mentioning Windows 10 users. To be precise, the process is not only applicable to Windows 10. It is equally in windows 7 and 8. However, if you encounter the process with Windows XP, if not an antivirus, then the problem is malware and that needs to be fixed.

Even though Compattelrunner Exe Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is an important process, it may consume too much of your disk space and slow your speed, something we stated earlier. There is absolutely no risk to the data system. In fact, there no major effects except for space and speed. The question now is, what do you need to do? We want you to know that fixing the problem is not a walk in the park. It is too sensitive and you need to be careful. Let us look at various ways of fixing it.

Using the Task Scheduler

The task scheduler can help you fix this problem and normalize your PC operations. A number of individuals have confirmed the effectiveness of this strategy. To deactivate the service, use the following steps:

This process will normalize the working of your computer. In case the problem is not solved, there is another alternative.

Delete the Compatibility Telemetry

If you are certain you do not need to monitor the compatibility of your processes, you can just erase it, though with administrator authority. You should not fear to delete the process because it does not pose any risk. However, the deleting process is quite long. You can use the following steps:

After all the steps have been followed successfully, restart your device and check whether the problem has been addressed. Generally, the problem is solved using this option. But there are chances it could still persist. Well, we hope it doesn’t persist, but it does, you have to read this web and see how you can effectively handle that situation.

The Bottom Line

Going back to our subject of interest, What Is Compattelrunner Exe Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry? Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is not harmful. It is a windows service meant to scan and download the necessary updates for your computer and all its programs. Besides, it scrutinizes the compatibility of all your computer programs as well as how they work. Important to note, all the data taken by this process is regularly sent to Microsoft. Are you scared by that? There is no need, the information is used to enhance the level of user experience. Besides, the process does not cause any risk. The data is actually used to address the possible causes. Nevertheless, there are times when service occupies too much of your disk space, CPU, and network. As a result, the device becomes too slow. This is something we all do not desire and that is why we look for ways of fixing it.  We have discussed two strategies you can use to fix the problem. We hope you find that helpful. Thank you!

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