Job Opportunities after Social Work Degree

When we step into the line of education, one of the first things that we find out is about the top 3 careers and degrees that are the most successful. These include a degree in medicine, in law or in engineering. Many of us are taught, since day 1, by parents to get this degree for it will stabilize our future and basically get us a lot of money. These 3 degrees are talked about so much that many of us don’t know about the many other opportunities that are available for us in the world.

There are many other degrees out there that too, can ensure us a bright and stable future. This includes a social work degree.

A degree in social work revolves around the subjects of psychology, sociology, public health and, social justice. It is an up and coming degree because it focuses on much of the human psyche and how to deal with problems of the world. Whether you get your degree from online master’s in social work or from a community college, you can do a lot after getting a social work degree. The world doesn’t just end at being either a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer. There are many other options too, you just need to broaden your horizons.

The following are the job opportunities you can get after a social work degree:


The main job of a probation officer is to work with criminals who have been sentenced. Naturally, this isn’t an easy job because to deal with criminals is something not all of us trained in. however, when you have a social work degree, you can do it. As a parole officer, you need to be in constant communication with the criminal. You need to know where is and keep a check on him.

Every week or twice a month, you will have to schedule meetings with him where you would access his mental condition. These meetings include a series of questions that you need to ask the criminal. These questions include ‘’Have you committed any crime recently.’’ ‘’Are you motivated to commit any crime.’’ and so on. You would have to check where the sentenced subject is staying if he is doing any job if he has any funds with him to get along.

You have to access not only his mental condition but also the circumstances in which he is living currently. You need to make sure that nothing in his life would cause him to commit any crime or take part in illegal activities such as theft, substance abuse, vandalism and so on.

Thus, you can see how the skills of one with a social work degree are pivotal to this job.


To have an eligibility career is all about interaction with people. These government aids include housing options, social security and so on. As an eligibility worker, you talk to people who are applying for specific government aids and you need to be the judge of whether they pass as being needy of that aid or not.

Being an eligibility worker generally includes office hours. You start with the basic interactions with clients who give you their information such as employment, financial bank statements, education and so on. You save this information in your logs and thus, begin the next step. You check their information and match it with the criteria of every category of Government Aids.

By doing this, you see which category the certain client falls and if he is applicable for the aid or not. This can be a little hefty process and you need to pay attention to minute details while deciding what is best for your client. You get paid per hour as eligibility and because it is a government job, it comes with many benefits too.


The tasks of a community outreach worker are not very hard to understand. You basically for a government organization and you organize volunteers for this organization. You gather volunteers and

then give them tasks to carry out. As a community outreach worker, you are going to have more than one task to do. You are literally going to be all over the place. These tasks include not only include volunteer recruitment but also volunteer training, volunteer education, creation of strategies, creation of media campaigns, creation of community fundraisers and so on.

Being a community outreach worker is not a simple affair, to excel at this job you need to polish a large set of skills. You need to have excellent communication skills both; written and spoken. You need to be adaptable in a way that you can talk to all sorts of people in all age groups and statuses. You need to be understanding with them and relatable so that they trust you and that you develop a good link with them.

You also need to have a good understanding of cultural diversity for the same purpose of being able to interact with all sorts of different people.


The job of a rehabilitation caseworker is pretty straightforward, but not always easy. You need to talk to people who have disabilities and help them get jobs. Again, like every other job, this requires good communicational skills. You need to talk to a client and discuss his education and employment, if he had any, with him. You need to make a list of all of his skills and strengths.

You also need to monitor if the client needs counseling or help of any kind. After you are done with the first part of this job, you head on to the second one where you check which job category your client fits best in.


You can further help your client to perform well in the job or to aid them and help them improve some skills where they might need help. You have to prepare them for their job both; mentally and physically. The majority of the jobs that you get after getting a degree in social work are Government jobs. Naturally, this means that your job will have good pay and you will get benefits. The typical skill set such jobs includes is that of being good at communication and to have a deep understanding of people of all cultures and age groups. You need to be able to be a good judge and access the situation of every client. These jobs are very fruitful and help a lot of people in need. Thus, consider getting a degree in social work.

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