How Biometric Technology Can Be Used For Effective Marketing


The future of biometric technology is really bright and it is going to offer more than just security solutions. Accessing the identities, behaviors, and emotions allow marketers to engage target consumers in product marketing campaigns.

The biometric technology is a very broad functioning system that involves investigating brain signals, tracking eye movements, facial recognition, matching fingerprints and voice recognition etc.

Biometric systems are known to be accurate and are considered as a part of neuromarketing. The system is ideal in recognizing the behaviors whether the person is conscious or not and can detect brain responses and feelings like manipulation of the senses and reactions like anger, stress, and happiness.

Biometric Applications

Many travel agencies are employing the biometric systems to judge the dispositions of individuals who are willing to go on trips. There are smart devices capable of calculating the heartbeat and can disclose the information related to the temper of the individual. These devices allow them to decide which destination would be suitable for them to visit.

Walmart has also placed a Biometric system that reveals the mood of shoppers. The Biometric system differentiates which of the customers is happy with shopping and which one is not. The unhappy customers are favored with the extra attention of the staff.

The Coca-Cola company utilized the system in one of its marketing campaigns. They installed a smart billboard on a subway, that was equipped with a screen that displayed emojis. Emojis were capable of mimicking the facial expressions of the travelers, fascinating them through entertaining and extraordinary style.

The airport security has also made use of the biometric system by capturing the face expressions, detecting the personals involved in illicit activities.

E-commerce websites nowadays are putting biometric systems in practice to offer a smart online shopping experience to the users. Magento is an open source platform that features vast ecommerce solutions from small businesses to large enterprises. There are other major CMS systems that offer e-commerce capabilities but Magento is considered unique thanks to its best user experience.

Millions of transactions are performed through e-commerce websites on daily basis. Vendors utilizing the Magento 2 development services are introducing biometric applications to secure user authentication when performing transactions through their smartphones.

From verifying identity through face recognition, IRIS scanning, or fingerprint biometric systems, one can easily perform secure transactions.

Information Security

The security of your customers or clients is very important in organizations. Biometric devices are inexpensive yet more secure.

Data implementation based on the features of users is more authentic and the security risks associated with these systems can be overcome by introducing multi-factor authentication systems. These security protocols are almost impossible to break and hence the chances of a data breach are minute.

Biometric systems are not far from the hands of restaurants and hotel owners as they have implanted the system to identify the appetite level of the passerby.

Use of facial recognition

The facial recognition system is capable of identifying a person through the analysis of patterns based on the facial features. The face recognition system works in multiple ways but it is mostly known for matching the given face features against those that are already stored in the database.

For research and progression of marketing campaigns, biometric technologies are impeccable. These systems allow to approach the ideal prospects and can calculate the user behavior against any marketing gimmicks. Smart marketers can now track gestures of the viewers against marketing advertisements.

Usage of Eye Tracking

The biometric systems capable of tracking the eye movements can be utilized to record which way the eyes move after watching an advertisement. Which portion of the running ad the individual has focused on and which portion of that advertisement he has tried to disregard.

One can easily track the attention and can execute the consequences behind successful and unsuccessful marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts

From government agencies to private sector organizations, the integration of a highly effective biometric system is essential.

It is ideal for entrepreneurs to introduce intelligent systems in their creative campaigns. This will not only engage clients but also allow to evaluate their behaviors and preferences.