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PlayStation’s Recycled Boxes

PlayStation 5 gets more sustainable packaging that is recyclable as a part of the Green Management 2025 initiative developed by Sony and launched last year. The corporation is concerned about the environment, and its new plan is to eliminate the use of plastic in new packaging for small products by 2025 and reduce the overall use of plastic by 10%.

Today, it is somehow strange that several decades before, no one paid any attention to ecology. Plastic was innovative and everything was made of it without any concerns about the future. However, it also brought us such great games as Pokemon, Dragon Ball, and Donkey Kong. If you want to play any of them, just visit Roms Planet and choose your favorite one.

The packaging for the new generation console is almost free of plastic and:

Among other things, the company is hard at work on greener versions of boxes for PlayStation 5 games. The company is looking at new ways to use less plastic for boxes and is also looking for alternatives to plastic.

About PlayStation 5

Let’s see what’s new about PS 5 and why Sony relies on it:

As we can see, Sony is all about new technologies and innovations. It is essential that such huge companies pay their attention to ecology and nature. This is an example for other companies to change their policies and relation to the world.