Redmi is Now An Independent Sub Brand Of Xiaomi


Xiaomi is going to follow other manufacturers by putting Redmi on the market as an independent subsidiary brand. This makes Redmi similar to the other sub-brand of Xiaomi, Poco as from the Pocophone.

Redmi Is Now an Independent Entity

All this has become known as a result of a Redmi event scheduled for January 10th. Xiaomi reported this on his Weibo account with “new independent brand Redmi.” We know the name Redmi of the many Xiaomi Redmi smartphones, but from now on the name ‘Xiaomi’ will be omitted.

The focus is the reason for this independence, according to Xiaomi. Xiaomi continues to develop and release high-end phones in the Xiaomi Mi series. Redmi will focus on the devices in the middle segment with an attractive price-quality ratio for the smaller wallet. Poco stands for the affordable high-end telephones.

The junction between Xiaomi and Redmi is very similar to that between Huawei and Honor and OPPO and OnePlus. These large companies also have a separate branch that deals with telephones in a lower segment.

First independent Redmi with 48 megapixel camera

The very first device from Redmi we can see on the aforementioned 10 January. Then the company holds a media event to announce a new phone there. And when we look at the invitation for this event, we see the number 48 in the shadow of the letters.

There are rumors about the arrival of a Redmi with a 48-megapixel camera. The invitation below confirms this more or less. The  Huawei Nova 4 and the  Honor V20 also have a main camera that shoots photos.

Nokia Was the first brand to release a phone with a pixel count of more than 40MP back in 2014. However, Huawei is the reason behind the latest hike in the number of mega pixels. Huawei P20 Pro was the first phone from Huawei to cross that 40MP barrier. It was also the first smartphone in the one to come with three cameras on the Back.