Red Dead Online’s Feud & Parley Helps You Deal With Griefers


 While Read Dead Online is an interesting game to play, it is not free from annoyances. As in GTA Online, it often happens in the Wild West that other players kill you. Although the map is quite large and there is only a maximum of 32 outlaws frolicking, you would often face players who won’t let you play the game in peace.

It is annoying thing when a player who chases you repeatedly, kills you and enjoy doing that instead of fulfilling the objectives. In the gaming world, such players are called griefers.

So, what can you do against Griefers? To put a stop to this annoying behavior, Rockstar has come up with a special system: Feud and Parley (bargaining and feuding).

How the Feud and Parley system works

Under Feud and Parley are hidden two options to prevent Griefing. If you are killed four times by a hostile player in Free Roam mode, you have the option to either defend your opponent for a while (Parley) or to challenge you to a 1v1 PvP match (Feud). We explain you both choices more exactly:

How Parley Works?

  • The conflict with the other player (griefer) is stopped for 10 minutes. At least for a short time starting a truce.
  • Both players involved in a truce can then do no damage to each other
  • Voice chat still works in Parley

The advantage: If you choose Parley, then you are safe at least for a short time rest from a troublemaker and can continue missions, from which he previously distracted you.

How Feud Works?

  • Unlike Parley, both players have to agree to a feud
  • When Feud is activated, both brawlers compete against each other in a fair 1vs1 PvP match
  • The match lasts 3 for minutes
  • You can shoot each other. Each kill gives a point, whoever has the most kills wins the feud
  • During the match, no other players can interfere and hurt you or your enemy

The advantage: Under fair rules of the game, you have a chance to teach your opponent a lesson and prove that you are the better shooter than him and he should not mess with you. However, it is not guaranteed that the griefer will leave you alone after the feud.

It is yet to be seen whether the Feud and Parley system actually stops griefing or not. Anyway, it’s a cool new feature to make the game even more interesting.

Source: Polygon


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