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Solved: Steam Content File Locked Fix Easy & Fast

Many users reported That the Content file Locked Steam error while attempting to update specific games. This error only means that Steam can not write the files into the hard disk. As this is a large issue for some consumers, now we will demonstrate just how you can repair it.

This usually means that Steam can not write upgrade files to the diskdrive. There might be a number of options for this error. The best one is to re install Steam and most of the neighborhood sport content and reinstall it from scratch. Though this worked for several consumers, it’s a fairly time-consuming endeavor and in addition, it absorbs a lot of information. Prior to resorting to challenging measures as stated earlier, we’ll attempt shredding for smaller issues that might be involved.

The way to fix Content file locked error in Steam? Firstly, ensure your antivirus is not blocking Steam. To do That, insert the Steam directory to the list of exceptions or disable your Antivirus briefly. If the problem is still current, try resetting Winsock or alter Steam’s install place.

How can I fix Content file locked Steam error?

1. Reset Winsock

Sometimes in order to fix Content file locked Steam error you just need to reset Winsock. To do this, follow the command below.

  1. Press the Windows Key + R keys.
  2. Enter netsh winsock reset and press Enter or click OK.

After this, restart your computer.

2. Change Steam and game files location

If the previous methods do not work, you have to change the location of the Steam installation and the game files. By doing so you should be able to fix Content file locked Steam error.

  1. Go to Stream Client and click Settings.
  2. Click Downloads and select Steam Library Folders.
  3. Select Add Library folder and select the new location for Steam.
  4. Close the Steam Client.
  5. Go to your Steam directory, the default location is
    C:\Program Files\Steam
  6. Delete the exe and all the files except UserData and SteamApp folders.
  7. Move these files to the location you specified in Step 3.
  8. Open Steam and log in again.

If the error persists, move on to these steps:

  1. Close Steam.
  2. Go to the new Steam location.
  3. Move the SteamApps folder from the directory to your desktop.
  4. Uninstall Steam.
  5. Install Steam again to the new location.
  6. Move the SteamApps folder in the Steam directory.
  7. Open steam and enter your log-in details.

3. Corrupted Files

  1. Exit steam and navigate to your Steam directory (C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam). If you have chosen a custom location for the installation, navigate there.
  2. Move to the folder ‘logs’ and open ‘txt’.
  3. Move to the bottom of the text file and search for recent errors.

An example of an error is this:

[2017-04-12 12:47:31] [AppID 346110] Update canceled: File commit failed: failed to move unchanged file “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\346110\570371714\LinuxNoEditor\NPC\Female\Assets\Nude\Nude_Human_Female_Body_D.uasset.z.uncompressed_size” (Disk write failure)

The number written first in the URL is your APPID, in this case (346110) is the AppID for ARK Survival Evolved.

  1. Navigate to the root folder of the mod, in this case, it is 570371714. It has no specific file size as the root folders of different games may vary.
  2. Restart steam and move to the downloads folder. Here you will notice that Steam will be asking for an update for the game. Update the necessary files and you’ll be good to go.



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4. Re-installing Rec Room

If that doesn’t help, the issue is likely a corrupt install or failed update of some sort. The solution is almost always found by re-installing Rec Room:

  1. Uninstall Rec Room by going to your Library in Steam, right clicking Rec Room -> Uninstall…
  2. Go to your Steam Apps install directory (usually something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common) and manually delete any folder named Rec Room (use Administrator privileges if necessary) that might be left there.
  3. Also delete any files inside the Steam downloads folder (usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\downloading). This folder should be completely empty (including hidden files) before trying to reinstall.
  4. Reinstall Rec Room through Steam.
  5. Launch as normal.

5. Check Antivirus

In many situations, your antivirus may be causing the problem. It is not unusual for it to mark Steam files as potential viruses and quarantine them.  Below are listed different ways to disable the antivirus until you can update your game.

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee has no way to exclude certain files from its real time scanning. The only way is to disable the antivirus entirely until the game is updated. To do this, open McAfee and select “Virus and Spyware Protection”. Here you find the option of “Real-Time Scanning”. Click that option and turn it off.

Then follow the following instruction to verify integrity of game files.

  1. Restart your computer and relaunch Steam.
  2. Head over to the library section and right click on the game which is giving you problems.
  3. Click on its properties and select the local files tab.
  4. Click the verify integrity of game files button and Steam will verify that game in a few minutes.

Hopefully, after performing the above steps, your Steam won’t give any issue.


NOD32 has the tendency to mark some application files as malicious and will most probably quarantine it. This often results in the error while updating a game. Browse to your current Steam directory and copy the address. The default location for the Steam directory is

C:\Program File\Steam\SteamApps\common

After copying the address open ESET NOD32 and paste the location in exclude from real time scanning.

Follow the ‘verify integrity of game files’ method listed above and you will be all good.

Kaspersky AV

Kaspersky may sometimes flag Steam as an intruder and disable it from making any changes to the hard drive. To fix this, head over to ‘threads and exclusions’. Navigate to ‘trusted zone’ and add Steam.exe as a trusted application. Remember to change the settings to Do not restrict application activity as well as Do not scan opened files.

Follow the ‘verify integrity of game files’ method listed above and restart your computer.