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GC Plus Review: An All-in-One Solution for Finding Home Service Experts

Finding plumbers and other home repair services can be a nightmare, especially when your pipes are leaking and flooding your house.

You’ll scramble to look up plumbers near you while trying to figure out the cost or if they will even show up.

When a plumber does show up, you’re unsure if the service is up to par, and you’ll need to ensure you don’t get ripped off.

This is where GC Plus comes in handy.

GC Plus is a plumbing service marketplace that eliminates the chaos of finding plumbers and other home services.

With GC Plus, you can easily connect with qualified and professional plumbers in your area, book appointments, and manage payments from one platform.

You can ensure you get reliable services since all plumbers are licensed and prescreened.

In this review, we’ll cover the nuts and bolts of GC Plus—how it works and its essential and unique features to simplify finding on-demand plumbing and home service experts.

GC Plus: A quick overview

GC Plus is one of the top ideas for on-demand service apps brought to life. It connects homeowners to qualified and screened plumbers through a one-click marketplace.

You can think of GC Plus as an Uber for the plumbing and other home service market.

GC Plus’s on-demand marketplace provides upfront quoting and fully secured services for homeowners. It also allows plumbers and technicians to become their own bosses and make more money by giving them the freedom and flexibility to work when and where they want.

As a homeowner, you can spend less time and energy looking for reliable service providers, checking reviews, and setting appointments with GC Plus since you can find all the relevant details and handle booking and payments from one platform.

To use GC Plus, enter your zip code, provide details about your issue, and specify your preferred date for the repair.

Then, the app’s Auto-Match feature allows your request to be seen and picked up by local service providers in your area, typically within a few minutes.

You’ll see accurate quotes upon booking, and get a money-back guarantee coverage with one million in-house damage insurance.

GC Plus also offers video consultations to help you do simple repairs yourself if there are no nearby plumbers available when you try to book.

Experts will guide you through basic plumbing fixes with free consultation for the first five minutes, and the applicable fees will be $15 every 15 minutes.

GC Plus Pro for technicians

The GC Plus experience is possible through its counterpart: GC Plus Pro, the app for service providers and technicians.

After a technician, plumber, or service provider is certified by GC Plus, they can view and accept jobs in their city or locality without spending time and money on paperwork and marketing.

The app lets professional service providers work flexible hours, focus on providing quality services, and make more money.

Technicians can see the available jobs up for grabs and corresponding fees in advance, allowing them to decide if they will take the job.

GC Plus allows technicians, plumbers, and expert repair service providers to become their own boss without the hassles of high startup costs and the business management and marketing skills involved.

Service providers can work part-time, full-time, or whenever they want to squeeze the jobs into their workday.

To use the GC Plus Pro app, technicians can sign up and upload the requirements, including their driver’s license and profile photo.

Then, they can start looking for and accepting jobs in their city and get upfront earnings after completing each job.

GC Plus and GC Plus Pro are available for download and installation on iOS and Android devices.

Benefits and unique features of GC Plus

Below are some notable features and advantages of using GC Plus to get reliable home services.

1. Easy booking on the app and website

You can book repair jobs conveniently via the GC Plus website or mobile app if you’re a homeowner.

It saves you from scanning online directories, scouring reviews, and taking risks on contractors you’ve never heard of or worked with.

With GC Plus’s Auto-Match functionality, booking a professional plumber or technician can become a breeze, and you can choose a schedule that works best for you. You can do all this in less than a minute.

2. Upfront pricing

One of the biggest challenges when getting someone to repair your plumbing, drainage, and other issues is knowing the cost of getting things fixed.

After all, some repair services include extra or hidden charges that can sometimes cost you an arm and a leg.

With GC Plus, you’ll get a 100% transparent price quote.

You also won’t need to pay overtime charges for projects that take longer than the expected time frame.

It makes it easier to stay within your budget, especially for complex and comprehensive jobs, such as those often done for commercial space projects and major home renovations.

3. Support staff services

Technicians focus on the repair aspect of the job and likely have little to no time to handle other things, such as marketing and scheduling.

GC Plus can help address this by providing technicians dedicated support from scheduling specialists, dispatchers, marketers, and reputation specialists.

This way, service providers won’t need to invest resources into putting an in-house staff together and managing everything, including salaries.

GC Plus allows service providers to get their business off the ground even without a huge capital or business management experience and skills.

Choose a seamless solution for home service repairs

With GC Plus, finding expert service providers and booking plumbing and repair jobs can be a breeze.
You’ll have all the necessary information at your fingertips and do everything, from booking to payments, from the GC Plus app or website.

Homeowners can access cost-efficient and quick home repair experts conveniently, while service providers can market their skills and get jobs that fit their skills easily.