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How to design a luxury living room?

You want your friends to go “wow” when they enter your living room? Then you need to read the article below, to learn how to make them exclaim themselves in such a way. There are a variety of solutions; you just need to find the one that will fit inside your home.

What is luxury to one can be ostentatious to another. But there are ways to find a middle ground that can be liked by (almost) everyone. The suggestions below aim to find this important equilibrium. Just make sure that the style of the living room does not break away from the rest of the house, too much. Otherwise, the sense of having created a room just to impress, might overpower the original idea of luxury.

Use Technology at its Best

The living room should be a place where you can watch TV, listen to music, play video games and get comfortable with the ones you love. It should also be the family room where you get together for special events, such as New Year’s Eve. Therefore, it should be filled with the necessary technology toys to adapt for all these situations.

You will need to centralize it and to have access to it through vocal commands. It is, indeed, the best way to get the maximum effect out of your motorized TV wall bracket with automatic motion. When people will see the television coming off the wall, and adjust itself to the position it fits best for everyone in the room, they will be impressed. The TV should be connected to an audio system that will make people feel as if they were in a cinema, watching a movie. And if you are going to play video games on it, then get a screen that will be compatible to 4K, in order to get the most details from them.

Choose a Room where you can have a lot of Empty Space

Luxury is often found in the details. Therefore, in a living room, it will not be found in the quantity of elements that are displayed, but at the opposite, on the empty space that is left untouched. Of course, every piece of furniture or accessories will have to be from the very best designers or brands, in order to maximize the effect. In such a room, the danger is that it can feel empty, naturally. To prevent that, you need to make sure that there is cohesion between everything that is in there. It is this link that will give the living room its aspect of luxury, instead of vacant.

Fill the Room with Souvenirs from around the World

To prepare such a room, you need to have traveled the world, to a certain extent. To position two or three items, from various countries, will not be sufficient. These items will also have to be worth placing on display. In other words, a few magnets, here and there, won’t do the trick (although they can very well be a part of the décor, if they are integrated with other more noteworthy items). Paintings, sculptures and mirrors are more likely to provide the luxurious aspect you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to have metal tags placed underneath each of them, that indicates where it came from, who is the artist and other information that can add to their value. Then, you need to create an environment that will help people understand that the room is dedicated to your travel.

Mix Colours and Prints with the Help of a Professional

There is nothing more hazardous than mixing colours and prints. But, if it is done well, you can have the most luxurious living room in town. Vibrant colours, textures and prints do get along well together, as long as you know how they need to be combined. In this particular case, you should call upon a designer to come to your place, and then show you ideas, on paper. You can then sit with him and decide which one you would prefer to go with. Since you will be the one living in the house every day, make sure not to go completely wild. Otherwise, you could rapidly get tired of walking into such a living room, if not literally aggravated by it.

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