10 Digital Marketing Trends You Will See In 2019


In the technology-driven world, our day starts with digital E-Newsletters, Emails, Social media pages, Group Chats became our social rites and day end with the digital on the same note. We developed the technology wherein everything is connected with the notation “Digital.” The digital trend became a daily chore more than a habit and made it as essential as breathing.

Every day we observe new development in the E-World. Isn’t it a spine-chilling moment if we imagine how fast the digital evolution took place from saying Hello to Ok Google and marketing your brand globally with the help of digital. We aid completely on digital assistance without that life is unimaginable. Artificial Intelligence took the trend to the other level than imagined.

Here are the most anticipated trends you will see in 2019 in the digital marketing revolution.

1.Voice Search In Digital Marketing

Kick, estimated that by 2020, 30% of the browsing would be done without touching screens and 50% of searches will be done through voice commands. The 21st century created a revolution undoubtedly with voice search, but only a few percentages started using the Voice technology.

Tech companies are in work progress to improve the technology which already seen the voice mania in trending AI apps like Google assistant, Siri. Unexpectedly most of them are not aware of the actual use of voice process. But then it is expected to raise the prominence by 2019.

The vital source of voice search will play a significant role in our day to day attitude. Voice search allows you to do multiple jobs like never before. Voice search will help you while cooking, or while driving. Kudos to the technology, it makes people life easier who find speaking easier than texting the context.

2. Artificial Intelligence source

Artificial Intelligence powered solutions are tools that bring a unique blend of technologies like Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Not too far AI-powered solutions will deploy across the globe for various firms including government and consumer markets.

Reports already have proven the use of AI has inclined to 61% compared to previous years. The growth is rapid and paces up in 2019. AI is the root of change in the digital market immensely in the coming years. Unknowingly we all became the part in using AI in everyday lives. The AI will take the market to the next level where Marketers will be able to create products that learn from the feedback of their users.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots, every tech savvy’s favorite application. It will be an essential part of digital marketing in 2019. Chatbots are AI-based technology uses instant messaging to chat in real time with your site visitors. Almost 80% of savvy marketing businesses are planning to use chatbots by 2020 where we can observe already 1.4 billion people are interacting with chatbots. The chatbots will lead most of the firms, especially the banking and healthcare industries. Generally, many customers prefer interacting with chatbots because of their responsive in giving answers promptly and never losing patience. The chatbots provide exceptional services in meeting the needs and expectations of customers.

Uber is the best example that uses chatbot technology to interact with customers and making it easy to hire cars even on Facebook Messenger, or via Google Maps.

4. Connected Clouds

Every business use cloud as the primary part of their work. Clouds continue to maintain its position in the technology. Cloud computing or technology continued to grow, and most companies realized that going public and private cloud isn’t always a safe or best option to grow in the digital marketing place. Sometimes need a mix of all. Connected clouds are continuing to meet company needs like cloud source storage, security, and app deployment. Amazon and Alibaba, the leading giant markets who are major public cloud providers, offering private cloud options. In the future, Multicloud will be the new buzzing word in the cloud computing world. In 2019, most of the digital marketing businesses use the cloud in the mix of public, private or hybrid regions.

5. 5G Mobile

Isn’t it more exciting to hear about the 5th generation mobiles! Millions of people use 4G networks and mobiles. The technology what our developers created is possible to flip to 3G zones. What’s the big deal with the 5G? In 2019, we will spot 5G everywhere. If you are a technophile, you will see the vast number of test deployments for providing 5G to everyone. Companies like Qualcomm, Intel, Nokia, Samsung, and other big heads are in action to develop 5G. By 2020, it is possible to roll out 5G both urban and rural areas providing more accessible, cooler, faster and more advanced features.

6. A trend in Video Market

Video marketing is forever a leader in the digital word. It creates whiz in the coming year indeed. Video are the more highlighting market in any venture. Sometimes expressions are worthy and give you a message in a better way of providing entertainment to the viewers. Video has become the golden opportunity in the means of communications since the adoption of smartphones and social media apps. Short videos make communication of a message more prominent and more fun.

Among various reasons, many apps allow oodles of instant ways to make your videos more interesting and entertaining. The perfect example for the development of videos is using the apps like 360 videos or bunny ear filters.

7. Content is still a Ruler

2018 became a budding boom for the content writing and placed the position in the online realm. Every digital market relies on the content to attract customers towards their brands in the marketing field. It is predicted that by 2019 content will play the most trusted section in the market among people instead of relying on ads.

Content creation is still the heart and soul for growing traffic towards the market. Consistent blogging and content expands traffic and drives readers to your site. The best content creation will crush your competitors from being number one in the race. People always want something creative and well-built content to find answers to their queries. Most of them still believe that because of content the digital market is still ruling the online realms.

8. Personalization in Market

If you want to stand out in 2019, all you need is personalization in your market, and that means personalized products, emails, products and more. Every digital marketer believes personalization will help in building a strong customer relationship. Netflix and Amazon are already leveraging the power of personalization. For instance, logging on to your Netflix account provides you with the banner, artwork, text, carousels all personalized for you.

9. Programmatic Advertising

Using AI to automate ad buying to target more audiences will be into process by 2019. Real-time bidding is a type of programmatic ad buying. This is more efficient and fast which leads to higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs. As you can observe the change of the digital advertising so rapidly that by 2020 almost 90% of marketers or brands use digital display ads.

10. Augmented Reality(AR) Vs Virtual Reality(VR)

Virtual reality developed craze among people at the initial progress, and it’s so cool to use indeed. But the not so good part about it is not made feasible beyond gaming and specialized applications in today’s market. In 2019 VR will still be placed in the gaming zone as a part of digital transformation trends. AR continues to wow all spheres and found tons of cases in enterprise workforce training. And there will be scope in 2019 AR will be moving from something new and interesting.

Digital marketing trends made a lot of changes in the usage behavior and continued to rein in all the fields for the development and to provide entertainment and technology to reach every corner globally. Hope we all find the irresistible changes in 2019.


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