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5 Tips To Get More Likes On Instagram

You have chosen your most beautiful photo, edited it, designed a beautiful description, but there are no likes? We will help you increase the number of likes under your posts.

First, we will figure out who needs likes and what for.

Celebrities often use Instagram to connect with their fans. Likes can show them how popular they are and how their account is interesting for subscribers.

People who want to share their experience with their subscribers. They need Likes to get popularity and show their successfulness. Travelers, pet trainers, cooking fans – all these people who want to show other users their skills and creativity.

Important! Psychologists concerned that the value of virtual reality is bigger for some people than in real life.

Instagram is the best place to promote your business, so people actively use it. Owners often post their goods, hold contests, and launch advertising campaigns.

This kind of users likes to post memorable moments of their life. They tend to score more likes in order to increase self-esteem and find like-minded people.

Here are some tips to get more likes for your publications.

Instagram is one of the trending social media tools these days, trending as in it is said to leave the Facebook records aside. Actually today, Facebook has become more or a news channel then what it used to be in the past, and today Instagram has taken its place in the social world! Even if you want to start a business online, then Instagram is one of the largest and reliable media which can give you a huge reach with just a few clicks!

1. Choose strategic # Hashtags.

It is a good way to declare yourself and your brand outside of your personal account. It is very important to use hashtags in publications, but how many and which ones? You don’t need to choose too popular ones, because publications with mega-popular hashtags are forced out of the feed-in 3 minutes. It is better to focus on medium-frequency or even low-frequency ones, where the probability of staying in the top is much higher. As for the number, the optimal number for effective posting is nine #.

2. Schedule the time for the publication of advertising posts.

You need to know your audience. Here are some tips about the mode of your publications:

-You should publish material often, but not hourly; otherwise, you can quickly get bored with your subscribers.

– Prepare posts in advance and publish them at a specific time.

-Try to publish photos and videos during the day, not late at night. The greatest peak of Instagram subscribers’ activity occurs in the evening, somewhere from 18.00 to 22.00.

3. Use special services for a set of likes.

Do you want to get more likes easy and quickly? The easiest and most understandable way is to buy likes. The most reliable and user-friendly service is With the help of this service, you will learn how to get 5000 likes on Instagram in a few minutes.

4. Make your shots right.

You should take high-quality pictures and arrange them using various filters. If you want more likes, imagine Instagram is your personal art gallery. The higher the quality of the pictures, the more likely that people will like them.

5. We collect likes in stories

Stories are a great opportunity to interact with subscribers and increase their performance. You can declare a simple draw. In stories, there will be an announcement and conditions, the drawing itself will take place in the mainstream. You can ask everyone to like the last photo and randomly select the winner. Regular stories with links to posts in the mainstream are a great way to get likes absolutely free.

6. Like geotags

Geotags are convenient for promotion in a certain territory. The advantage of geotags is that you work directly with the target audience. Today this fact solves a lot and allows you to solve several problems at the same time: to gain a lot of subscribers and become famous.

We hope that our tips will help you become more popular and get the attention of the audience and the mass of hearts under each of your publications without any extra effort.