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Grab & Retain the Attention of Instagram Traffic by Avoiding Typical Web Design Blunder

Responsive and intuitive web design is integral to the success of any business. Today you cannot blame limited disk space or low-speed mobile for adversely impacting your organization’s activities and overall performance. In today’s feed-driven age, the wide majority of the people are pretty much happy in performing diverse activities on the go. Experts believe that in the present scenario, web designing skills could be mastered only with dedication and practice. Moreover, you could get effective lessons through the mistakes you make.  

As per https://blog.hootsuite.com, 71 percent of businesses in the United States use Instagram and there are over 25 million Instagram business profiles. Hence it is of great importance to fulfill the expectations of the traffic that is coming to your website from Instagram. 

Each time you have made a design blunder, you get to learn a new aspect of web designing. As per web design specialists, there is no need to fake perfection; instead, you must acknowledge and appreciate your web design mistakes and be smart enough to understand the value of learning from your mistakes. Here are some of the typical web design blunders that could be the chief cause of frustration and irritation for the Instagram traffic coming to your website. 

Blunder: Use of Excessive Images 

Using too many pictures on your website could give it a cluttered look. You must focus on creating a clutter-free website to attract the attention of Instagram traffic. The Instagrammers are used to highly curated posts and high-resolution pictures. You must, therefore, draw inspiration from Instagram and use top quality photos on your website to grab consumer attention. However, you simply cannot overdo this aspect. Avoid making the mistake of using excessive pictures for grabbing instant popularity and achieving incredible success.  

Too many photographs could retard the loading speed. Even though visitors appreciate striking pictures, they would be bouncing off if your website fails to load promptly. Use photographs with grave intent and ensure that these pictures convey the precise brand message. This is a wonderful way of generating and grabbing the attention of Instagram followers. 

Blunder: Incredibly Poor Page Loading Speed 

Excessive images and videos could result in slowing down the overall page loading speed. Your website pages need to load within a few seconds. Instagrammers who visit your website would at once bounce off or leave the site if your web page takes too long to load. In this digital era, everyone is in a hurry and mobile users are looking for convenience and speed while browsing any website. Get rid of all unnecessary media which does not help in boosting your website’s overall value. You must have a clear idea of your precise business goals and focus your attention on achieving those goals while designing your website. 

Blunder: Ignoring Buyer Persona 

Web designers who have mastered their art would pay a lot of importance to understanding consumer psyche and buyer persona. It is critical to collect all relevant information about your targeted audience. Once you know the slightest details about your customers, you could create a winning website design. 


As a web designer, your sole intention should be to create intuitive and highly responsive websites. You need to ensure seamless navigability and fast page loading speed. Remember a lot of hard work, time, and dedication go into web designing. You cannot achieve success overnight. Forge robust relationships with your clients, only then you could create a brilliant web design.  

Author’s Bio: 

Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real Instagram links. He loves to travel, write and play baseball. 


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