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6 Tips for Creating Viral Social Media Videos

Nobody would want to create videos that get average likes or views as everyone has a common goal that the videos must go viral.

If you want your videos to go viral and get thousands or probably millions of likes, there are no better platforms than social media channels!

Here are a few tips to go viral on social media with videos

1. Research Viral Videos Your Audience Likes

The first step to creating a viral social media video is researching the viral videos your target audience is in love with.

It will help you understand their preferences based on creating a video that will have higher chances of going viral.

To begin with the research process, you must know who your target audience is and on which social media platforms they use the most.

Then, you can explore the kind of videos your target audience is liking and sharing on social media.

Plus, you can look at your competitors’ viral social media videos and take some inspiration to create better videos!

2. Choose Social Networks

After researching what kind of social media videos are loved by your audience, your next step should be figuring out which social media platforms you will target.

You can make this decision based on which social media platform your target prospects spend the most of their time on.

Creating social media videos for chosen platforms and going viral is better than making them for every social media channel and not getting any views or likes. So, choose your social media platform smartly!

3. Use The Right Tools

Creating social media videos isn’t a piece of cake, and you require some crucial social media video maker tools like InVideo to help you create high-quality and engaging videos.

These tools offer various video templates from which you can choose according to your specific requirements.

Social media video maker tools help you leverage the best fonts, visuals, music, graphics, colors, logos, etc.

You can also edit your videos with some of these tools and monitor the performance of your videos by keeping track of analytics.

4. Create Different Videos For Different Social Networks

Every social media platform is different, and hence creating similar videos for all these channels won’t’ help you drive any engagement. It’s crucial to keep the specific requirements of every social media channel while creating a video.

For example, look at Buzzfeed’s Tasty YouTube video on how to make cloud eggs!

The video is short, sweet, and has the sole purpose of teaching the audience the recipe for making cloud eggs.

The thumbnail of the video is engaging, and it provides value to the target audience.

5. Publish The Videos In The Right Way

Creating social media videos that can go viral is crucial but publishing them in the right manner is equally important.

There are a variety of aspects that you need to consider while posting your video on social media platforms like:

  1. Maximum file size
  2. Aspect ratio
  3. Recommended resolution
  4. Ideal video length

Besides, the publishing guidelines are different for each social media channel, so you must be extremely cautious while uploading your video on social media. Also, make sure you accompany your videos with good descriptions and hashtags.

6. Promote

After publishing comes promoting your social media video, which is the last but the most crucial step because if you don’t share or promote your social media video strategically, it won’t go viral on its own!

There are different ways to promote your social media video.

For example, you can outreach to media outlets or social media influencers and request them to share your video, advertise your content, etc.

For instance, below is a dance video a woman created to go viral on several social media sites.

She succeeded when the video got popular on Reddit.

Creating a social media video to make it viral won’t always work, but you need to promote your content just like you do in every other marketing campaign to boost its reach.


So, what’s the secret of creating a social media video that’s bound to go viral?

There’s no such formula for creating a viral social media video.

If you embrace the tips mentioned in the article, you can have the best shot at getting your video loved by thousands of social media users!

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