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4 Ways to Launch an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign Via Social Media Videos

Are you using videos to help promote your business yet? If you aren’t, then you need to start because Forbes found that 90% of customers turn to videos to help them make buying decisions. Another 64% reported that they only bought items because they saw videos about the product or service in question.

In other words, video marketing is the number one way to get your business, product, or service noticed. So if you want to make sales in what is heavily becoming an eCommerce economy, you need to lean heavily on digital marketing.

Still not convinced? Well, according to Incify.co 87% of online marketers use video content. That means that all of your competitors are already using video to increase their conversion rates. If you are not, then you are probably losing your customers to them.

It’s Not Enough to Create a Video

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to shoot a quick video and post it on your Facebook page. Digital marketing these days is sophisticated and ever-evolving. You have to stay up with the current trends if you want your video to get seen. Your digital marketing efforts are only effective if someone actually watches your videos.

The good news is that gaining exposure is easier than ever in the digital world. The entry fee is virtually free, and your only task is to spend some time creating solid content and then heavily spreading it so that your client base and potential customers see it. Not sure how to make that leap? Here are some quick tips about how to run an effective digital marketing campaign with social media videos.

Make Your Videos Engaging

First off, a video of you talking about the product is probably not going to excite your customers. Have some fun with your videos and engage your viewers. If you have a brand, develop a slogan that people can remember or a theme that you can build on with each video. For example, Budweiser has Clydesdales. You may not have a giant horse, but there is probably some fun Easter egg you can incorporate in each video. Customers like continuity, and if you offer viewers a reason to come back for more you can count on your subscription rates increasing.

Edit Your Videos

These days there are dozens of free video editors you can use to make your marketing material look professional. There is no excuse for shooting and then sharing a video that looks like your six-year-old shot it. FilmForth, for example, is a completely free video editor that allows you to split, trim, and combine videos. You can even add some audio dubbing or transitions. Find a free video editor and use it. The new generation of consumers has grown up alongside technology, and they expect to see the company’s they buy from using it. A poorly edited video is not only unprofessional but usually seen as uncool which will do little for a company attempting to build a strong brand image.

Share Your Content Across Multiple Platforms

Facebook and Instagram make it easy to share videos, and YouTube is a great place to upload longer videos, but just posting to one place or another is not enough. If you want your content to shine, you have to post it across multiple platforms. Not only does this help increase views, but it also builds your authenticity and authority. When posting video content, look at Facebook, Youtube, Vine, Vimeo, and Instagram. You can also share your YouTube link on your Twitter page for further exposure. Keep an eye on your views and overall video performance on each platform. If it is doing exceptionally well in one location over the others, consider running some paid ads behind it or paying for a sponsored spot to build on that exposure.

Practice Good SEO Habits

SEO is not just for content, any strong video marketer knows that videos need to be highly search optimized to be effective as well. SEO is more than just figuring out what keywords your customers are searching for, it is also about making sure any content that you produce is linkable and easy to share. If you want a video to go viral, proper SEO is the key. Some simple ways to get started include placing keyword phrases in your video description and headline, offering engaging video content (even in video format content is still king), add value to your audience, and include video transcripts under the video so that search engine bots can correctly identify the content of your video and rank it accordingly.


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