Top Search Engine Optimization Tools (SEO Tools) in 2018


SEO remains one of the most effective digital marketing SEO tools for any online business in 2018. For this reason companies have invested a lot of time and money with some hiring in-house SEO experts, and others contracting external marketing agencies to get ahead of their competitors in the competitive market.

Due to the dynamic nature of the search engine rules and ranking algorithm, SEO tactics and techniques keep changing to address the changing trends in the industry.

As an SEO company and  SEO agency , you have to keep an eye on the SEO changes, so as to offer the most effective campaigns to your clients.

SEO main objective is to have your website ranking highest across major search engines when the users search for phrases that relates to your services or products.

This task has never been easy, but there are several tools that you can use to better your SEO campaigns. According to search engine optimization experts, the choice of the right SEO 2018 tools will highly influence your overall business performance.

Having your site listed among the top suggestion on the search result page draws more traffic to your site which could be converted to sales.

Why Is SEO Important To Your Business?

SEO attempts to guess the possible keywords that your potential customers could search for and coming up with a strategy of marketing your website to the right audience.

Ranking high on the search engine research page (SERP) increases the chances of getting important click to your website.

It involves site structure assessment to increase your brand online visibility, providing relevant and quality content to your target market and building inbound links from industry authoritative sites.

When practiced the right way, SEO increases natural traffic to your website which in turn will increase conversion to sales.

SEO also involves creation of quality and informative content which establishes you as an industry authority an aspect that boosts legitimacy and customer trust.

Through SEO you will enhance you customer experience by making your site fully responsive and user-friendly. It also helps you to engage with your customers to learn their needs and identify new opportunities in the market.

Modern SEO Tools for Webmasters

Here is a list of recommended SEO tools that will help you boost and monitor your SEO progress in 2018.

Screaming Frog – Screaming frog provides a number of digital marketing, social media and SEO tools. The solution is well known for its SEO spider tool, which serves both as a web crawler and indexing tool. It helps in keyword research, link building and competitive SEO analysis. Though not free, basing the estimates on the customer reviews, the tool can be really useful for your SEO campaign.

Majestic SEO – Majestic is simply a database for link index which can increase your SEO success instantly. It offers extensive web crawling, competition comparison, index of backlinks and a list of top ranking sites in your niche. The tool is much affordable and has clear tutorials with guidelines for both SEO experts and starters.

Google Search Console – Being a product of the largest search engine on the earth, it helps SEO new entrant to have a clear picture of how Google views your site, monitor your site performance and identify keywords that will generate high traffic to your site. It helps to monitor your SEO performance and help you maintain a top position in Google SERP.

SerpBook – This is one of the best SEO rank trackers available today. The tool is user-friendly has a wide range of SEO monitoring features. The tool allows keyword rank tracking in major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) as well as on Google Maps and YouTube. It is also useful when you want to track your keyword locally or within a particular region. The tool is highly preferred for its customized reporting feature, easy API integration, third-party tool integration, spyglass verification, accurate search volume and Live SERP ranking alerts. It offers both desktop and mobile SERP rank monitoring as well as competitor SEO analysis.

Ahrefs – Ahrefs is an advanced website explorer that will help you research keywords used by your top competitors, discover backlinks and notify you on competitors paid or organic Ads. The tool also performs comprehensive web audit to ensure that all your landing pages are search engine friendly.

Conductor Searchlight – This state-of-art SEO tool helps you to increase organic search by identifying keywords opportunities, optimize your convincing content and tracking your SEO campaign results. It is makes one of the best ongoing SEO tools helping you to identify weak areas so as to make the necessary adjustments.

The list of SEO tools cannot be exhausted in one post, but it is important to note that the different tools have different capabilities and will cost differently. The best approach is to choose a tool that offers the most features for your SEO requirements for the best price. You can also choose to combine more than two tools for different tasks to achieve the best SEO results for your site or your clients’ site.


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