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What Makes Node.js Development Important For Your Project?

Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment that is used to execute JavaScript code. It has been used to develop a number of popular web and mobile solutions in the market and the names include Netflix, Amazon, eBay, LinkedIn, etc.

The popularity of Node.js has increased immensely over the years among the developer community. Developers have used it to develop different business solutions that will offer them a competitive edge in the market.

To know more about Node.js and its increasing popularity among the developer and business community, keep reading this post.

When Should You Use Node.js Development?

If you wish to build a real-time application for your business then it is the right time you choose Node.js. One of the key benefits of Node.js is that you will get to build competitive solutions for your business that will help you have a unique stand for yourself in the market.

You can use Node.js –

The demand for data streaming web applications have seen a rise with more and more consumption of digital content. It is important that you have an internet connection with good bandwidth to watch a series or a movie without having to download it. Your developer will be able to process large volumes of data into smaller bundles in sequence by using the built-in stream module of the Node.js web application.

Node.js development services let the developer to easily build scalable solutions with less coding. You can end up with code duplication with multiple microservices and Node.js can help to resolve it. As Node.js is simple to design, it is preferred to design the frameworks of microservices. Again, here designing is simple and efficient as it extracts most of the essential system.

IoT applications majorly make use of a publish-subscribe-based messaging protocol named MQTT. This protocol makes use of WebSockets for encapsulation and transport. Both WebSockets and MQTT are simple to use and support Node.js. Again, Node.js can be the right choice when developing IoT applications as it is effective in terms of writing and readable streams and channels.

Node.js is right for applications that are expected to have scalability and experiences high-peak loads.

The majority of the applications need to have a backend to interact with external services or databases. Node.js comes with a large community that will help you find a library that can be used to develop a GraphQL or a REST. Earlier, the use of Node.js was limited to developing applications with fewer CPU-focused tasks. However, now you can use Node.js threads to carry out complex processes after its version 10.5.0 was introduced.

Single Page Applications or SPA can be now created with Node.js while all you need to do is to find the right Node.js development company. SPAs are single-page web pages that look and feel like a desktop program. Node.js is best when it comes to developing dynamic websites, social networking platforms, as well as email solutions due to the flexibility it offers. Again, its asynchronous backend data flow quality makes Node.js the best in terms of SPA development.

Reasons to Consider NodeJS Development For Your Next Project

Node,js is good in terms of reducing the time-to-market. With Node.js you will be able to cut down the mobile app development time greatly without making any changes to the existing functionality. Again, with Node, you will be able to quickly move from conceptualization to end-product. Additionally, with the right Node.js development services its development becomes affordable.

Node.js has been developed by considering scalability. Node.js has proved to be the right solution for startups that has plans to scale in the future. Startups would like to have quick and lightweight systems built that can be scaled up later by easily adding new modules to the structure.

Node.js can be used to carry out both frontend and backend development and this is because it is a universal programming language. Finding full-stack developers with real experience and expertise is a tough job and at this point, it makes things easier for the client to find the right developer for the job.

Node.js community is ever-evolving and expanding with the help of developers from IBM, SAP, Microsoft, and others in the form of their regular contribution that has helped other developers.

Node.js comes with NPM which is its package ecosystem. It has now turned out to be the fastest-growing and largest software registry. This registry comes with many reusable templates and libraries that you can use in your project to add value to it within less time and with fewer resources. Whatever be the need of the developer, the NPM ecosystem has it covered.

To Conclude

No doubt NPM makes Node.js the right solution for many developers trying to complete development in the shortest period of time with low codes as it contains 1.3 million code packages. This means for developers it becomes easy to build flexible and scalable applications simply by using the right code from the package. So, all you need to do is to choose the right Node.js development company that can truly leverage the potential of NPM for your project.

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